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It took some time, but our letters page is now up. It is still a work in progress, with only the most recent letters, but we'll continue to post older letters.

Shunpiking encourages your comments, praises, criticisms and factual corrections. Space does not allow us to post every letter received. We post letters that are to the point and respond specifically to shunpiking material (unless it's too entertaining or amusing to pass up). If you are replying to a specific article(s), please specify the title, author, url address and date ... we post many articles and telepathy isn't among our talents. Time considerations do not make it possible for us to reply to all letters.

Shunpiking reserves the right to edit for grammar, space reasons, clarity and taste. Letters must include the writer's full name, address and phone number (or an e-mail address), and be in good taste. We will post only your first name and last initial if you request your full name not be published, but not pen names or pseudonyms or anonymous letters unless previously agreed to by Shunpiking Online. We will not print serial letters sent to all media, or those not dealing with specific content. We will not post personal or abusive attacks on shunpiking contributors; libelous and slanderous posts or vulgar language; questions/comments that make unsubstantiated allegations or quote people or reports where the purported quote or fact cannot be easily verified; messages advocating violence/militarism, homophobia, and racism.

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