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Dossier on Palestine

Dossier on Palestine

Date: 25 October 2006

The Editor Dossier on Palestine

I write to congratulate you on your truly outstanding Dossier on Palestine. This was given to me by a young Palestinian researcher after I had spoken at a solidarity meeting on the issue.

Its content and format is such that I have found it to be a most informative, excellently researched, written and presented resource. It has greatly added to my knowledge and appreciation of the plight and history of the Palestinian people's just struggle against the dispossession of their land and rights by unbridled Zionist colonial conquest and settlement.

The historic accounts by the protagonists, with Israel political and military leaders damning themselves, compared to the views of Palestinian and Jewish anti-Zionists around the world, makes for a powerful indictment of the injustices perpetrated. Your anti-imperialist analysis completes the picture.

In the interests of Middle East peace and justice, and for a saner and safer world, please continue your work.

My congratulations and deep esteem to all those responsible for writing and producing this invaluable Dossier.

In solidarity with the Palestinian People, I salute your internationalism!

Ronnie Kasrils (MP) South Africa

Editor's note: MP Ronnie Kasrils is minister of intelligence in the South African government. He writes in a personal capacity.

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