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LOOKING for outdoor activities during winter? Trails for a family hike? To learn about nature? Explore? Adventures? Getaways? There is plenty for people to do, that people do.

Shunpiking is pleased to present online this major excerpt from our forthcoming Outdoor Resource Directory; Nova Scotia's Activity Guide.

Listed are resources for the legion of outdoor activities and outdoor providers throughout Nova Scotia during winter, organized in 33 categories. We're also including some 'indoor' activities such as curling, hockey, ringette, and figure and speed skating. Our aim is accessible, comprehensive information in a format that is relevant and useful to you.

o All area codes for telephone and fax are 902 unless otherwise noted.

o In some cases, descriptive listings have been added online which will not appear in the print edition.

o It's always best to phone ahead. We are doing everything possible to update and verify each listing but some information may not be current.

o For information on amateur competitive sports and events, from basketball to hockey, call the Sport Nova Scotia Hotline at 425-5450, or visit:

o Do you have some ideas or updated information you would like to share? Please contact us at: or fax typed copy to 902-444-4975. Basic listings are free. We welcome your suggestions, additions or corrections.


o All-Terrain Vehicles
o Biathlon
o Birding -- Winter
o Camping -- Winter
o Curling
o Dog Sledding
o Health
o Hockey
o Ice Climbing
o Ice Fishing
o Skiing -- Alpine
o Maple Sugaring
o Ringette
o Skiing -- Associations & Clubs
o Skiing -- Cross Country Trails
o Skiing -- Cross Country Trails (Nordic, greater detail)
o Skating
o Skating (Figure)
o Skating (Speed)
o Skijoring
o Sleigh Rides
o Seniors
o Snow Sports -- Sales & Rentals
o Snowboarding
o Snowmobiling
o Snowshoeing
o Stargazing
o Surfing
o Survival (Education)
o Walking & Hiking Trails, Field Trips & Groups
o Women
o Other
o Published Resources
o Misc. Websites
o Top 5 Winter Sports

All-Terrain Vehicles

All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia
David Yorke, President
Tel: 254-3457

Member clubs:

Lonely Rock Adventures Ltd. (Winter Touring)
150 New Harbour Road, RR#1 New Harbour, NS B0H 1T0
Tel: 387-2668
Fax: 387 2023
Conny and Manfred Wittmann

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Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia
(See Skiing - Cross Country)

Biathlon challenges an athlete to master two opposing disciplines: the hard driving efforts of cross-country skiing and the demands of control for rifle marksmanship. The biathlete pushes heart and lungs to their limits while skiing, then must calm the body and slow the heartbeat enough before shooting to be able to shoot accurately. As an Association, Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia has been trying to "jump start" the development of a civilian biathlon program in the Province. Biathlon has been a "flash in the pan" every four years for the Canada Games. We believe there is a lot of talent; as athletes and coaches, all that needs to be done is organize it. For the sport of Biathlon to flourish within the National and Provincial Associations, clubs need to be founded and may co-locate with existing cross country ski clubs. There are plans being developed as this article is being prepared but they can only succeed if the athletes, coaches and volunteers come corward. If you are interested in finding out more about this biathlon program, contact us today and have your name put on the info list. Note: by having your name on this list only means you will be kept up to date as things progress, you have not committed to anything at this time. If you have any questions and or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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Birding - Winter

The Blomidon Naturalist Club
PO Box 2350, Wolfville, NS B4P 2N5

Eagle Watch
Sheffield Mills
Tel: 800 565 0000
Richard Hennigar

At Shef_eld Mills in King's Co., near Canning, feedings by poultry farmers have turned into an annual event, attracting thousands on a single Weekend. During these feedings, it is not unusual to see 40 eagles sitting in a single tree. Last weekend in January and first two weekends in February: Community Hall: Pancake and sausage breakfast. Eagles are most plentiful during late morning. New experimental eagle perch. Self-guided tours of the area. Admission: $ 1 for display area upstairs.

Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists

Website will direct you to eleven member societies throughout Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada (Atlantic Nature Network)

For The Birds Nature Shop
647 Main Street, PO Box 210, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0
Tel: 624-0784 / 888-660-6529

The Halifax Field Naturalists
c/o NS Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer St, Halifax, NS B3H 3A6
Halifax, N.S. B3H 3A6
Elliot Hayes, president

Natural Wonders
16 High St, Ste 12, Bedford, NS B4A 1M1
Tel: 835-0098
Clarence Stevens

Nature Travel Services
Tel: 1-888-305-3955

Northern Diver Adventure Birding
Box 1784, Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0
Tel: 354 7250
Gary Hartlen, Peter Davies

Nova Scotia Bird Society - Bird Info Line
c/o Museum, 1747 Summer St, Halifax, NS B3H 3A6
Tel: 852-CHAT (2428)
Tel: 445-2922
Gisele d'Entremont

Bird observation and conservation; Field trips; Meetings -- 4th Thurs of the month, 7:30 pm, Museum of Natural History, Jan-May, Sep-Nov.

Tight Lines Guide serice
Box 44, Port Maitland, Nova Scotia B0W2V0
Tel: 649-2428
Captain Bill Curry

Walking The Wildside Nature Tours
RR#2 Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0
Tel: 295 1749
Bethsheila Kent

Websites - Related

o Backyard Birds of Winter

Here are pictures and short stories for 44 of the most common winter birds you may see around bird feeders, or backyards in Nova Scotia, on Canada's east coast.

o East Coast Birds

o Important Bird Areas of Canada

o The Birds of Winter
Blake Maybank

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Camping - Winter

Cape Breton Highlands National Park (See Skiing -- Cross Country)
Kejimkujik National Park (See Skiing -- Cross Country)

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Nova Scotia Curling Association
5516 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax, NS B3J 1G6
Tel: 425-5450 Ext. 345
Fax: 25-5606
Jeremiah Anderson, Executive Director

Nova Scotia Curling Clubs

o Amherst Curling Club
PO Box 71, Amherst, NS B4H 3Y1
Civic Address: Prince Arthur Street, Amherst
Ices: 4
Tel: 667-2667

o Baddeck Curling Club
PO Box 504, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0
Civic Address: Campbell Street, Baddeck
Ices: 3
Tel: 756-2380

o Barrington Regional Curling Club
PO Box 73, Barrington Passage, NS B0W 1G0
Civic Address: 40 Park Lane , Sherose Island
Ices: 4
Tel: 637-2009

o Berwick Curling Club
PO Box 426, Berwick, NS B0P 1E0
Civic Address: 136 Orchard St, Berwick
Ices: 3
Tel: 538-9149

o Bluenose Curling Club
PO Box 428, New Glasgow, NS B2H 5E5
Civic Address: 243 Park St, New Glasgow
Ices: 4
Tel: 755-2875

o Bridgetown Curling Club
PO Box 627, Bridgetown, NS B0S 1C0
Civic Address: 333 Granville St E, Bridgetown
Civic Address:
Ices: 3
Tel: 665-4662

o Bridgewater Curling Club
90 Dominion St., Bridgewater, NS B4V 2K1
Civic Address: Sambe as above
Ices: 4
Tel: 543-2212

o Brookfield Curling Club
PO Box 235, Brookfield, NS B0E 2V0
Civic Address: 55 Carter Road, Brookfield
Civic Address:
Ices: 4
Tel: 673-2647
Fax: 673-2775

o Brookside Curling Club
River Hebert, Cumberland Co., NS B0L 1G0
Civic Address: 1583 Barronsfield Rd
Ices: 3

o CFB Halifax Curling Club
PO Box 31263, Halifax, NS B3K 5Y5
Civic Address: Bldg. WP68 Connolly Street
Ices: 6
Tel: 455-1444
Fax: 431-5205

o Chedabucto Curling Club
Boylston, Guys. Co., NS B0H 1G0
Civic Address: 6 Reddy Hill Road
Ices: 2
Tel: 533-3328

o Chester Curling Club
PO Box 457, Chester, NS B0J 1J0
Civic Address: 190 Pigloop Rd, Chester
Ices: 4
Tel: 275-4965
Fax: 275-3178

o Clare Curling Club
PO Box 288, Meteghan, NS B0W 2J0
Civic Address: #32 - Hwy. 101 Connector
Ices: 4
Tel: 645-2875
Fax: 645-2617

o Dartmouth Curling Club
35 Canal St., Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2W1
Civic Address: same as above
Ices: 5
Tel: 466-2770
Fax: 463-7344

o Digby Curling Club
PO Box 1123, Digby, NS B0V 1A0
Civic Address: 27 Shreve St, Digby
Ices: 4
Tel: 245-6127

o Glooscap Curling Club
PO Box 111, Kentville, NS B4N 3V9
Civic Address: 17 Crescent Ave, Kentville
Ices: 4
Tel: 678-4637

o Greenwood Curling Club
PO Box 577, Greenwood, NS B0P 1N0
Civic Address: 14 Wing Greenwood
Ices: 4
Tel: 765-1494 ext 51
Fax: 65-1494 ext 51

o Halifax Curling Club
948 South Bland St., Halifax, NS B3H 2S5
Civic Address: Same as above
Ices: 4
Tel: 423-7857
Fax: 423-8309

o Highlander Curling Club
PO Box 45, St. Andrews, NS B0H 1X0
Civic Address: 3916 Hwy. 213, St. Andrew's
Ices: 3
Tel: 863-0052

o Lakeshore Curling Club
PO Box 732, Lr. Sackville, NS B4C 3V3
Civic Address: 409 Glendale Avenue, Lr Sackville
Ices: 6
Tel: 869-2875
Fax: 869-2876

o Liverpool Curling Club
PO Box 1374, Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0
Civic Address: 108 Gorham, Liverpool
Ices: 4
Tel: 354-4407

o Lunenburg Curling Club
PO Box 1465, Lunenburg, NSB0J 2C0
Civic Address: Green Street, Lunenburg
Ices: 4
Tel/Fax: 634-4493

o Mayflower Curling Club
3000 Monaghan Dr., Halifax, NS B3K 2V9
Civic Address: Same as above
Ices: 6
Tel: 454-0085
Fax: 455-6217

o Middleton Curling Club
PO Box 421, Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
Civic Address: 6 King St, Middleton
Ices: 3
Tel: 825-3225

o New Caledonian Curling Club
PO Box 681, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0
Civic Address: 66 Caladah Ave, Pictou
Ices: 3
Tel: 485-5075

o Schooner Curling Club
61 Military Rd., Sydney, NS B1N 3K6
Civic Address: Same as above
Ices: 2
Tel: 539-3992

o Shelburne Curling Club
PO Box 1151, Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0
Civic Address: 144 Carleton Street, Shelburne
Ices: 3
Tel: 875-2226
Fax: 875-1325

o Stellar Curling Club
PO Box 2370, Stellarton, NS B0K 1S0
Civic Address: 234 Foord St, Stellarton
Ices: 3
Tel: 752-5256

o Strait Area Community Curling Club
15 MacQuarrie Dr. Extn., Port Hawkesbury, NS B9A 3A3
Civic Address: Same as above
Ices: 2
Tel: 625-1824

o Sydney Curling Club
PO Box 1102, Sydney, NSB1P 6J7
Civic Address: 619 George Street, Sydney
Ices: 4

o Truro Curling Club
PO Box 596, Truro, NS B2N 5C7
Civic Address: 56 Young St, Truro
Ices: 5
Tel: 895-1639

o Westville Curling Club
2060 Foley St., Westville, NS B0K 2A0
Civic Address: Same as above
Ices: 3
Tel: 396-4151

o Windsor Curling Club
PO Box 223, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Civic Address: 99 Albert Street, Windsor
Ices: 4
Tel: 798-4662

o Wolfville Curling Club
22 Elm Ave., Wolfville, NS B4P 1Z9
Civic Address: 19 Elm Ave, Wolfville
Ices: 4
Tel: 542-3819
Fax: 542-4789

o Yarmouth Curling Club
PO Box 451, Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B6
Civic Address: 28 Forbes St
Ices: 4
Tel: 742-2161

o Atlantic Curling Tour

o Curling Clubs in Canada

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Dog Sledding (See also Skijoring)

Crown Jewel Resort Ranch Inc.
Baddeck, Cape Breton Island Inc.
992 Westside Baddeck Road, RR#1, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0
Tel: 295-1096
Fax: 295-1751

Experience something truly, uniquely northern - driving a traditional sled behind a team of Canadian Eskimo Dogs. Choose from an introductory half-day adventure exploring our miles of trails or treat yourself to a day-long wilderness experience in a magical world of snow and ice. Delight the outdoor adventurer in you! Join our expert "musher" on our lodge-to-lodge excursion and spend several days sledding and experiencing, first-hand, the incomparable vistas of our winter wonderland.

Little Harbour Huskies
Deerfield, just outside of Yarmouth, NS
Dr. Robert Barlow

We're dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the wonderful sport and lifestyle of dog sledding.

Mush Maritimes - Dogsled & Skijor Club
Rich Black, Halifax, NS
Tel: 435-8708

Nova Scotia Sled Dog Association
Box 253, Trenton, NS B0K 1X0
Tel: 752-6344
Dayle Smith

Ski Martock (See Skiing -- Alpine)

Valley Mushers Sled Dog Club
RR1, Newport, NS B0N 2A0
Tel: 633-2049
Karen Taylor

o Iditarod Great Sled Race
Official site for the world's foremost sled race

o Sled Dog Central - Skijoring Information
Pictures, links and informative articles

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Winter Green (Go for Green)
Tel: 1-888-822-2848

A national Go for Green program that encourages outdoor physical activity during winter, while protecting, enhancing or restoring the environment.

Seasonal Affective Disorder
For some individuals, the declining light in the fall can usher in a form of a mood disorder that goes beyond simple winter blahs.

Climate Change
Nova Scotia Climate Change Centre
Clean Nova Scotia

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Go for Green 'Ice Dreams' (see Skating)

Hockey Nova Scotia
910-6080 Young St., Halifax NS B3K 2A2
Tel: 454-9400
Darren Cossar, Executive Director

Hockey Nova Scotia is the governing body for amateur hockey across the province. Our mission is to lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences. We work to make the great game of hockey accessible to all and develop leaders to train our athletes to be the best that they can be, both on and off the ice.

Nova Scotia Women's Hockey League
PO Box 8801
Halifax, NS B3K 5M4

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Ice Climbing

Climb Nova Scotia
Box 3010 PLC, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 425-5454 (ext 316)
Fax: 425-5606
Teth Cleveland, president

Climb Nova Scotia is a non-profit, volunteer-based group dedicated to promoting and facilitating climbing throughout Nova Scotia. Our goal is to support all climbing interests including: rock climbers, ice climbers, indoor climbers, and boulderers; and to serve beginners and experienced climbers alike.

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Ice Fishing

NS Dept of Fisheries & Agriculture -- Inland Fisheries Division
Box 700, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0
Tel: 485-5056

Catch the Rainbow Ice Fishing Derby
Meadow Pond NS
Bernard Wile

One day ice fishing tournament near Windsor, family oriented prizes for adult and youth catagories. Two fish total weight. Mid-January

Nova Scotia Smelt Fishing Tournament
Buck's Cove, Conquerall Bank, Lunenburg Co., NS
Martin Bell, Tournament Chairman

Usually second weekend of February. Buck's Cove is five minutes from Bridgewater and you travel south on the west side of the LaHave River on highway 331. Part of the event is held on the LaHave River and the remaining activities are held at the fire station. The hosts are the members of the Conquerall Bank Fire Department.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park
Marion Bridge, Cape Breton Island, NS
Tel: 727-2483

o Canoe Camp Salmon River
4676 Grand Mira North Rd.
Marion Bridge, NS B1K 3V1
Tel: 727 2023
Fax: 727 2023

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Maple Sugaring

Complete up-to-date information, including this year's Maple Syrup Festivals, Camps and articles, will be posted in the March, 2005 edition of Shunpiking Online. Please visit again!

There are over 70 maple producers in Nova Scotia, many of them who have camps and welcome visitors, some year-round. Producers are alphabetically listed by county below. Remember, it's always best to phone aheead.

Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia.
12 Valley Rd, Westchester Stn, NS B0M 2A0
Tel: 548-2973
Fax: 548-2833
Jean Bentley

Annapolis County

Thomas Wilson Bell
Box 114, Annapolis Royal, NS B0S 1A0

Antigonish County

Haveracres Farms
St. Joseph's Rd, RR1, Antigonish, NS B2G 2K8
Tel: 863-3614
Jason Haverkort

Our sugar camp is located 200m off St. Joseph's Rd. We have the only commercial sugar bush operation in Antigonish Co. Our operation produces syrup from 8000 taps on a pipeline system using reverse osmosis and a 4X12 wood fired evaporator. Visitors are welcome during the season; please call before travelling to the camp to ensure we are in operation.

Cape Breton

Black River Maple Products Ltd.
PO Box 55, Mabou, NS B0E 1X0
Tel: 258-3354
Fax: 258-3244
Sales Contact Neal Livingston

Cape North Development Ltd.
Box 4, Dingwall, NS B0C 1G0
Ken MacKinnon

Cape Perce Nature Tours Ltd
Sand Lake Rd, RR1, Port Morien, NS B0A 1T0
Tel: 737-2684.

Melody Mountain Maple Creations
311 Grenville St, Port Hawkesbury, NS B0E 3L0
Melody Rooyakkers

Paul MacKenzie
64 Leonard St, Sydney, NS B1S 2T5

Colchester County

Alfred Grew.
RR1, Bass River, NS B0M 1B0

Boondock Maple
Tel: 657-3348
Scot Whitelaw

Brian Brown
Oxford, NS B0M 1P0

Davison's Pancake House & Maple Products - Newville Lakeview Farms
RR1, Parrsboro, B0M 1S0.
Tel: 254-2562
Charles Davison

Don Beebe
Wentworth, NS B0M 1Z0

Gordon Fisher
Bass River

Kirmac Maple Products
2 Greenvale Court, Truro, NS B2N 6H3
Tel: 895-9306

Roadside camp in Earltown, 25 minutes from Truro on Earltown-Kemptown Road. Take Hwy 104 exit 18, or Hwy 311 and watch for signs. Please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Jamey Baird
RR6, Truro, NS B2N 5B4

John Kennedy

Maple Ridge Farms
95 Smith Ave., Truro, B2N 1C6
Tel/Fax: 895-8641
G. Cook

Guided tours on request. Camp: New Annan, 6 km from paved road. Sugar off by appointment. Visitors welcome.

Sugar Moon Farm Maple Products & Pancake House
Alex MacDonald Rd, Earltown, B0K 1V0
Tel: 657-3348
Tel: 1-866-81-MAPLE(2753)
Quita Gray/Scott Whitelaw

Open year-round offering: fully licensed Maple Breakfast served all day; Maple Products; Sugar Camp Tours; Sugar Bush hiking, skiing & snowshoeing trails; Sleigh & Wagon Rides (seasonally by reservation); Chef's Nights - gourmet maple dining experiences; Group Bookings & Private Parties

Hours of Operation: Open Weekends Year Round, Sat. & Sun. 9 am to 5 pm. Open daily from June 15 to Labour Day, 9 am - 5 pm. Group bookings & reservations are always possible outside of these hours - contact us for info.

Swan's Maple Products.
RR4, Tatamagouche, B0K 1V0
Tel: 657-2547 or 657-2462
Jim Bezanson

Camp: Central New Annan. Less than 3 km from Route #256 on Government maintained road. (Grist Mill Rd) For more detailed directions or prices, please call. Visitors welcome anytime. Year round sales of maple products.

Cumberland County

Arnold K Goodwin
RR1, Southampton, B0M 1W0.
Tel: 546-2346

Camp: East Mapleton (on Lynn Rd.) Distancefrom paved road: Roadside. Sugar Off: Yes, by appointment. Visitors Welcome.

Austin's Sugar Woods
RR#1 Springhill, NS B0M 1X0
Tel: 597-2882
Keith and Nancy Lou

In operation over 60 years. Keith is a third generation producer. Camp: Rodney, next to Springhill. 1.6 km from paved road (a pleasant walk or drive). Plan a day... sample the taste of maple & experience springtime in the woods. Sugar off times vary. Visitors welcome. Groups call ahead.

Bentley's Maple
12 Valley Rd, Westchester Stn, NS B0M 2A0.
Tel: 548-2973
Fax: 548-2833
Avard Bentley

Come one, come all!! Camp: Westchester Mtn. Distance from paved road: 2 km. Distance from pavement 6 km. Sugar off: Yes, times vary. Visitors welcome. Groups welcome by appointment. Join us for a Tree Tapping Day on March 20/2004 from 1-4:30 pm.

Davison's Pancake House & Maple Products
RR#1 Parrsboro NS B0M 1S0
Tel: 254-2562

Camp: Halfway River, 100 ft from road. Sugar off daily from March 5 to April 11. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Weekdays by appointment. Visitors welcome.

D. L. Hanna & Sons Ltd.
RR1, Parrsboro, B0M 1S0

Dickinson Brothers
RR3, Southampton, NS B0M 1W0
Tel: 546-2342
Fax: 546-2787
K Dickinson

Camp: 7799 Hwy 2, West Brook. Distance from paved road: Roadside. Sugar off: Yes, times vary. Visitors welcome: 9am-5pm. Groups, please call ahead.

Donkin's Sugar Woods
RR6, Amherst, B4H 3Y4
Tel: 667-3729
Donald Donkin

Frosty Maple Products
491 Southbrook Rd, RR1, Southampton, NS B0M 1W0
Tel: 546-2275
Harold Langille

Camp: 491 South Brook Rd. (Mapleton). Roadside camp. Sugar off on weekends. Visitors welcome. Groups please call ahead.

Gary Hunter
RR1, Springhill, NS B0M 1X0

Glen Smith
233 McGee St, RR1, Springhill, NS B0M 1X0

Hugh Adams
RR1, Southampton, NS B0M 1W0

Keith Austin
RR1, Springhill, NS B0M 1X0

Ken Nelson
Box 405, Amherst, NS B4H 3Z5

Little River Farms
RR3, Oxford, B0M 1P0
Derrick O'Donnell

Kevin McCormick
RR1, Springhill, NS B0M 1X0
Tel: 597-2645 cell 664-2744
Fax: 597-8228

Camp: Rodney, look for a sign at 820 Rodney Rd. Walk or drive 1.6 km from paved road. Bulk operation - packaged product available. Visitors welcome anytime for self guided tours.

Mapleton Enterprises Ltd.
RR1, Southampton, NS B0M 1W0
Tel/Fax: 546-2844
J Keith Crowe

East Mapleton, Lynn Road. Camp roadside (a 10 min walk to tapped trees). Sugar off at various times. Visitors welcome. Groups please call ahead.

Max Spicer
Spencer's Island, NS B0M 1S0

Neil Ripley
RR2, Nappan Station, NS B0L 1C0
Tel: 667-3978

Robin Boss
RR1, Springhill, NS B0M 1X0

Stanley Thompson
18480 Hwy#2, Fenwick NS, NS B0I 1C0
Tel: 667-3044
Stanley Thompson

Camp: Fenwick, .5 km from paved road. Sugar off daily. Visitors welcome.

Wendell Smith
RR3, Amherst, NS B4H 3Y1
Tel: 447-3466

Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre
105 Lower Main St, Box 338, Oxford, NS B0M 1P0.
Tel: 477-2908
Crystal Rushton

Wyvern Farms Ltd.
762 Wyvern Rd., Collingwood Corner, NS BOM 1EO
Tek: 686-3357
Fax: 686-3209
Brian Sweet

Camp: 762 Wyvern Road. Distance from paved road: Roadside. Sugar off: Yes, times vary. Visitors welcome.

Digby County

Clement Comeau Maple Products
Box 110, RR1, Saulnierville, NS B0M 2A0

Halifax County

Acadian Maple Products Camp
Camp: 13578 Peggy's Cove Rd. (Hwy#333),
Upper Tantallon, Halifax Co. NS B0J 2N0
Tel: 826-2312
Fax: 820-3000
Brian Allaway

Easily located at the end of the Hammonds Plains Rd. in Upper Tantallon. See how maple syrup is produced and visit our retail outlet to find a wide assortment of maple products.Items include syrup, cream, butter, sugar, maple flavoured coffee & tea, maple BBQ sauce, maple roasted peanuts, brittle and more. Sugar on snow, weather and conditions permitting. $2/person.

James Hutchinson
Box 2, Upper Musquodoboit, NS B0N 2M0

Hants County

David Hill
6690 Hwy 215, RR1, Maitland, NS B0N 1T0

Kings County

Del DeRoche
RR5, Berwick, NS

Munro's Mountain Maple Sugar Camp
RR2 Wolfville, 347 Sunken Lake Road, NS B4P 2R2
Tel: 542-2658
Perry Munro

Camp: off Hwy 101, Exit 11 - 4 miles to Sunken Lake. Distance from paved road 600 yards. Perry and Judi Munro and family. Pancakes/syrup/maple beans/brown bread served on weekends from mid-March to mid-April. Must phone ahead for appointment -- 4 sittings per day beginning at 10 a.m. Sleigh rides available on weekends. Sugar off weekends and by appointment.

Inverness County

Black River Maple Products
Box 55, Mabou, NS B0E 1X0
Tel: 258-3354
Fax 258-3244
Neal Livingstone

Camp: 1 km in on MacLellan's Rd. off Hwy #19 in Black River between Mabou and Inverness. Open March and April. Visitors welcome, please call ahead.

Lunenburg County

M. C. Vienot & Sons
RR6, Bridgewater, NS B4V 2W5

Rex Vienot Maple Products
Maplewood, RR1, Barss Corner, NS B0R 1A0
Tel: 644-3358

Pictou County

Dalhousie Maple Products
RR2, Durham, NS B0K 1H0
Tel: 485-4526
D. L. MacLean

Family operated, dedicated to top quality. Because our sugar bush is located in a remote area, we have established a small packaging plant at our Durham location. Visitors are always welcomed.

Greg & Marie Morois
Box 248, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0

Murdock Sutherland
RR1, Scotsburn, NS B0K 1R0

o Nova Scotia's Maple Sugar Industry

o Maple Sugar in Nova Scotia
Discovering Nova Scotia's Natural History

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Ringette Nova Scotia
516 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax, NS B3J 1G6
Tel: 425-5450 Ext. 341
Tel: 455-3953 (h)
Glenn Johnston, Executive Director

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Go for Green 'Ice Dreams'
(outdoor rink program) 1-888-822-2848
Jody Conrad (NS Provincial Consultant)
Nova Scotia Go for Green Consultant
C/O Sport and Recreation Division
Nova Scotia Office of Health Promotion
5516 Spring Garden Rd., Suite 200
PO Box 864
Halifax, NS B3J 2V2
Tel: 424-7589

o Go for Green
Shawn Pollard
Acting Winter Green & Ice Dreams Coordinator
(613) 748-1800 ext. 113

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Skating (Figure)

Canadian Figure Skating Association

Skate Canada, NS Section
Box 3010 PLC, 5516 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 425-5450 (ext 336)
Michelle Tucker

"Skate Canada-Nova Scotia, is an association dedicated to the principles of enabling every Canadian to participate in skating throughout their lifetime for fun, fitness, and/or achievement."

Skate Canada... Nova Scotia Clubs

o Bedford Skating Club
LeBrun Recreation Centre, Bedford Arena
36 Holland Ave, Bedford, NS

o Dartmouth Skating Club
16 Ridgewood Ct, Dartmouth B2W 6E5
Tel: 434 2759
Dennita Fitzpatrick, President

The Dartmouth Skating Club has been in existence since 1966 and has been affiliated with Skate Canada since 1969. The club teaches skating for all levels from pre-school to adults. We have CanPower Skate programs as well as synchronized skating and programs for both test and competitive skaters.

o Kentville Silver Gliders
Krista Griffin, president
Tel: 679-2341

o Riverview Skating Club
Box 33, Newport, Hants County, NS B0N 2A0
Newport Rink, Brooklyn

o Sackville Skating Club
PO Box 227, Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2S9
Tel: 864-9271

o Shannon Heights Skating Club

o Shearwater Skating Club
PO Box 380, Shearwater, NS B0J 3A0
Info Line 460-1011 (ext. 4061)
Allen McDonald, president
Tel: 462-5777; cell#488-0555

o St. Margaret's Bay Skating Club
PO Box 3032, Tantallon, NS B3Z 4G9
Janice Jackson, co-president

o Yarmouth Figure Skating Club

The Cape Breton Region [Metro Area Division]

Metro Area Committee has five skating clubs under the direction of Skate Canada
c/o Nancy Wilson, 193 MacIntyre Lane, Glace Bay, NS B1A 4S1

o Cape Breton County Blades
170 Heathview Drive, Sydney, NS B1R 153
President- Darlene Cashin

o Sydney Figure Skating Club
PO Box 624, Sydney, NS B1P 6H7

o New Waterford Pic's
353 King Street, New Waterford, NS B1H 3Y3
Susan Roberts, president

o Glace Bay District
PO Box 291, Glace Bay, NS B1A 1V4
Maria Shaw, president

o North Sydney Skating Club

Nova Scotia Adult Figure Skaters
Mary Mombourquette

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Skating (Ice)

Speed Skate Canada

Speed Skate Nova Scotia
Mary Ann Doyle
6 Barshelmar Dr, Sydney Mines, NS B1V 3E2
Tel: 763-2206
J. Bernard Crane (

Speed Skating Clubs in Nova Scotia

o Baddeck Silver Bullets
PO Box 532, Baddeck NS
Tel: 295-3340
Beverly Dunlop, president

o Cape Breton Club
139 St. Peters Road, Sydney NS
Tel: 564-5366
Brian MacArthur, president

o Darmouth Speed Skating Club
19 Stevens Rd., Dartmouth, NS
Tel: 435-3135
Ann Angelidis, president

The Dartmouth Speed Skating Club (DSSC) is the oldest speed skating club in Nova Scotia, originating in the 1970s. Our skaters ranging in ages from 5 to 22, and ability from beginners to provincial team members.

o Northside Blades
57 Brown Street, Sydney Mines, NS
Tel: 736-8863
Dave Guy, president

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Skiing - Alpine (Downhill)

Alpine Ski Nova Scotia
3010, 5516 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 425-5450
Lorraine Burch

Alpine Ski Nova Scotia's mission is to promote, encourage, support, and assist in the development of Alpine Skiing, for the able bodied and the disabled, in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Crabbe Mountain
Central Hainesville, NB
Tel: 506-463-8311
Snowphone: 506-463-2688 / 506-855-7699

Poley Mountain
PO Box 4466, Sussex, NB E4E 5L6
Snow phone: 800-305-8585
Tel: 505-443-POLEY (76539)
Fax: 506-432-1009

Ski Ben Eoin
Box 3, East Bay, NS B0A 1H0
Location: Route 4, Ben Eoin, NS
Tel: 828-2804
Ski report 828-2222
Fax: 828-2550
Kevin MacInnes

11 runs: longest run 1300m (4200ft). Vertical rise: 149m (490 ft). Lifts: 1 Rope Tow, 1 Poma, 1 Doppelmayer Quad Chair. Night skiing, ski school. Equipment rentals, sales & repairs. Cross-country skiing, snowboard park, snowshoe trails. Open Dec 15-Apr 1.

Ski Cape Smokey
Box 123, Ingonish, NS B0C 1L0
Tel: 285-2778
Tel: 800-564-2040

Longest run in Nova Scotia: 2.2 km (1.4 mi). Vertical rise: 303m (1,000 ft). Lifts: 1 Quad Chair Lift, 1 Platter Lift. Skiing & snowboarding on natural snow. Ski school. Scenic lift rides in summer.

Ski Martock
RR3, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Tel: 798-9501
Ski report 798-3000
Fax: 798-9510
Joey Ryan

Longest run: 1.6 km (1 mi). Vertical rise: 182 m (600 ft). Lifts: 1 Quad Chair, 2 T-Bars, 2 Rope Tows. Night skiing, terrain board park, cross-country trails. Lessons, rentals, retail shop, ski patrol, food service. AMCC. Open seasonally.

Ski Wentworth
Wentworth, NS B0M 1Z0
Tel: 548-2089 / 895-9281

Longest run: 3.7km (2.3 miles), Vertical rise: 238m (812ft). Lifts: 2 Doppelmayer Quad Chair Lifts, 2 T-Bars, 2 Rope Tows. Night skiing, snow board park, high-tech snow tubing park, cross-country trails (see below).

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Skiing - Associations & Clubs

Arctic Fox Ski Club
Sue Hill

One of, if not the oldest cross country ski clubs in the Province. Arctic Fox is a racing club based out of metro with members traveling to events and the snow. Five members of our club are on the NS provincial team and we have a group of master men and women who train for the Keskinada Loppet, a 50km event held every February in Hull, Quebec. At present there are no volunteers organizing any events or trips but many willing skiers who would help if a leader came forward.

Baddeck Area Cross Country Ski Club
Tel: 295-1209
Bill Marchant

The club is putting in a new trail system complete with clubhouse and parking. The club offers a variety of programs for members and the public, such as the Jackrabbit Ski League for the younger skiers as well as an adult learn to ski program. Its philosophy is that sport/recreation should be a participation activity and not a spectator activity.

Canadian Ski Patrol/NS Zone
Box 3010 PLC, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 876-5005
Ike Whitehead

Canadian Ski Council
Ski & Snowboard Canada

Free weekly e-newsletter that talks about: news and reports from ski areas; profiles of Canadian ski and snowboard destinations; ski and snowboard bargains; events at Canada's ski resort and lots of other information!

Cape Breton Ski Club (Cross Country)
See Ski Ben Eoin, or:

Program inclkudes Jackrabbit program, challenges, loppets, Snowshoe Jaunt under the Moonlight, sugarshack parties

Club Ski 30
CLUB SKI 30, Box 961, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Z6

Monthly Meetings are held on the first Tues of each month at Brightwood Golf & Country Club, School St, Dartmouth, commencing at 7:30 pm.

Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia (CCSNS)
Box 3010 PLC, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 425-5454 (ext 316)
Fax: 425-5606
Ike Whitehead

Promoting the sport/recreation of Cross-Country Skiing. Website contains "todays snow conditions", trail info, events, news and provincial team selection criteria, etc.

Martock Cross-Country Ski Club
35 Bastian Point Road
East Lawrencetown, NS B2Z 1T4
Tel: 827-1211 or
Daniel Farrell

A new club operating out of Ski Martock's new cross-country ski facility near Windsor. Although not long in distance (5km), the best feature of the trails is snow-making, meaning almost guaranteed snow conditions from early January through late March. Activities include:
-- Meeting other people who love exercising out of doors
-- Information sessions on equipment, clothing and waxing
-- Social events such as potlucks
-- Group trips to other ski areas such as Cape Breton, Wentworth Valley, New Brunswick and PEI
-- Participation in Sunday morning "fun oriented" races and tours.

The cost to join is $30 per person or $50 per family. This makes you a member of Cross-Country Ski Nova Scotia and also Cross-Country Canada. No charge for race fees (club series) for members. You can also sign up for such programs as the Jackrabbit League for children ages 5-14, Racing Development Coaching for ages 11-17 or Ski Your Best coaching for adults. These have an extra cost. For more details visit

North Highlands Nordic Ski Club
Cape North Community Centre, Cape Breton Island
Linda Murray 383-2617 or Sandra Curtis, 383-2293

The North Highlands Nordic Ski Club was founded in 1977 by a small group of enthusiastic skiers who shared a love of winter and of the splendid scenery in the Northeast Highlands Area of Cape Breton Island

From humble beginnings the club has developed a very high class facility and trail system in the village of Cape North. We operate out of a heated waxing/warmup/ski rental room in the Cape North Community Centre. A trail network of 17 km of mechanically-groomed and tilled by a Pisten Bully grooming tractor offer panoramic views of some of Atlantic Canada's best scenery. The club is operated on a volunteer basis. To make ends meet a small trail fee is charged, with season memberships encouraged.

The club is proud to have hosted any number of major national and regional ski races. We have hosted numerous Loppets and the Nova Scotia Provincials Championships since 1989.

Advantages to a ski pass/membership from North Highlands Nordic:
- Unlimited skiing on groomed North Highlands Nordic Trails;
- Membership privileges in Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia;
- Membership privileges in Cross Country Canada;
- A say in how the club is run;
- Discounts on Club sponsored events, i.e. Loppet, Jack Rabbit Program, etc...

Ski Atlantic Seniors Club
20 Hanover Court, Halifax, NS B3M 3K6
Tel: 443-9819
Truman M. Layton

Silver Oak Ski Club
Box 261, St. Peters, NS B0E 3B0
Tel: 535-3229
Mark Stone

Websites - Related

o Cross Country New Brunswick

o Cross Country Ski World

o Cross Country Ski Areas Association

Skiing - Cross Country Trails (See also Nordic)

Nova Scotia has 23+ cross-country ski areas. Groomed trails are found at two national parks, Kejimkujik and Cape Breton Highlands, and a national historic site, Fortress Louisburg. Some other facilities also groom their trails. Updated information is welcome.

"Today's snow conditions" -

Antigonish Golf Club
Antigonish, NS
Tel: 863-2351

Tracked trails: 1, 3 and 5 km. Ski rentals available from Antigonish Recreation Department, 274 Main Street. Whether trails are groomed or not is not mentioned on their website.

Five Islands Provincial Park
Five Islands, Nova Scotia
Tel: 254-3241
Fax: 254-3345

West side of Economy Mountain, about 24km east of Parrsboro. . Total length of trails: 6.5 km (4 mi). Tracked trails, marked and mapped. No facilities in winter. Parking. Open seasonally.

Fortress Louisbourg National Park
Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, NS
Tel: 733-2280
Fax: 733-2362

Total length of groomed trails: 9 km (5.5 mi). Ungroomed, unmarked trails (backcountry): 20 km (12.5 mi). About 30 minutes south of Sydney. One trail is at the watertower, the other at Kenneth Cove Road behind the fortress.

Gaelic College / Cholaisde Ghàidhlig
St. Ann's, Cape Breton Island, NS
PO Box 80,Englishtown, NS Canada B0C 1H0
Tel: 295-3441
Fax: 295-2912

Total length of trails: 7 km (4.5 mi)

Jack Lake Trails
Bedford, NS
Tel: 490-4666
Recreation Dept: 835-9757

Total length of trails: 5 km (3 mi); 7 marked trails; instruction. Touring trails. Also used for walking. Grooming is poor.

Kennington Cove Trails
Near Fortress Louisbourg
Cape Breton Island, Louisbourg, NS
Tel: 733-2351

5.5 km (3.5 mi) of groomed trails.

Liverpool Rails to Trails
Queens County, NS
Tourist Bureau: 354-5741
Tel: 800-655-5741

Trails: 8 km linear trail is used for cross-country skiing when conditions permit.

Mira River Provincial Park
Louisbourg Area, Cross-Country Skiing

Location: Rte 22, 22.5 km (14 mi) from Sydney; turn onto the Brickyard Rd immediately past Albert Bridge and travel for 3 km (2 mi). Clearly defined trail: wooded areas, open fields, along the shore. Open seasonally.

Old Orchard Inn Ski Touring Centre
Old Orchard Inn
Box 1090, Wolfville, NS B0P 1X0
Tel: 542-5751

Location: Hwy 101, Exit 11 to 153 Greenwich Road South. Total length of trails: 20 km (12 mi); 4 marked trails; equipment rental, overnight ski packages for guests only.

Ross Farm Living Museum of Agriculture
RR#2 New Ross, NS B0J 2M0
4568 Highway #12
Tel: 689-2210
Fax: 689-22640

Open seasonally: Wed-Sun in winter.

Shubenacadie Canal Park
Corner of Jaybe Drive and Braemar Drive (Old Waverly Road)
Dartmouth, NS
Tel: 464-2121

Total length of trails: 8.5 km (5.5 mi). Also used for walking. Trail marking and grooming is poor.

Ski Margaree Valley
Margaree Valley, NS

Total length of trails: 1. Badlands: 21 km (12.5 mi); 10 marked trails. 2. North Face: 14 km (8.5 mi); 12 marked trails. 3. MacKenzie Bowl: 7 km (4 mi); 3 marked trails.

Ski Wentworth
Wentworth, NS B0M 1Z0
Tel: 548-2089 / 895-9281
Trail report: 548-2808

Trails: 15 km of trails are groomed for cross-country skiing at the top of the chairlift. The trails are rated intermediate to advanced. Trail fees: Chairlift ride $7 (winter 2002-3)

South Ridge Trails
Cape North, Cape Breton Island, NS

Total length of trails (groomed and tracked): 10 km (6 mi); back-country skiing, touring trails, 2 marked trails; guided trip; equipment sales and rental, warm shelters, overnight ski package nearby.

Steeltown Centennial Park Cross Country Skiing
Trenton Camping Park
Park Road, Trenton, NS
Box 328, Trenton, NS B0K 1X0
Tel: 752-1019
Fax: 752-0090
Martin Bates

8 km (5 mi) of groomed trails and roadways. Woodland setting sheltered from the wind. Ski route through mature hemlock stands. Open Jan - Mar.

T. Ernst Forest Products
Walden (Mahone Bay area)
Tel: 624-6133

Walden. 11 km (7 mi) up Woodstock Road from the Mahone Bay Tourist Information Centre. 23 km (14 mi) of trails on a Christmas tree/silviculture lot. Lake access for canoeing; orienteering course. Sustainable forest management co-existing with outdoor recreation. Open year-round.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park
Marion Bridge, Cape Breton Island, NS
Tel: 727-2483

Location: Route 327, 13 km (8 mi) from Sydney. Many clearly defined paths, 10 km (6 mi) tracked trail. Ski rental available.

Uniacke Estate Museum Park
Mount Uniacke, NS
Tel: 866-0032

Seven trails on this 2,000-acre estate open year-round and in their ungroomed state throughout winter.

Upper Clements Wildlife Park Skiing
Upper Clements, Nova Scotia
Tel: 532-5924

About 8 km west of Annapolis Royal. Extensive system of multi-purpose trails, including 10 km (6 mi) of marked trails designed to accommodate three experience levels of cross-country skiing.

Skiing - Cross-Country Trails (Nordic)

Information about the following trails for cross country skiing is provided to the Outdoor Resource Directory by Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia as a public service. The information is provided by the trail owner, club contact, etc. and has not been edited. We recommend that you check our Today's Snow Conditions page ( for up-to-date reports on some of these trails, or call ahead to obtain the current conditions for those not reporting to our Today's Snow Conditions service. The following are the trail classifications used to describe the trails. - Ike Whitehead, CCSNS

Trail Classi_cation System

Backcountry Ski Area -- no service, local inquiries advised.

Touring Trail -- marked, mapped.

Tracked Trail -- marked, mapped, tracks set by machine or ski, regularly maintained.

Groomed and Track Set -- marked, mapped, snow surface groomed or tilled and tracks set by machine, regularly maintained.

Groomed, Tracked and Renovated -- marked, mapped, groomed, track set and mechanically renovated as necessary, regularly maintained.

Grooming -- mechanical or manual alteration or working of the snow surface to provide a level trail.
Marked -- marked in such a manner that the skier finds the trail and will be able to complete their ski without leaving the trail.
Renovating -- involves the process of destroying and pulverizing previous set tracks to create a smooth workable surface in which new tracks can be set.
Other comments -- trails may be multi-use and be snowmobile traveled.

North Highland Nordic Ski Facility
1141 White Point Rd, Smelt Brook, NS B0C 1G0
383-2479 (Day), or
(Dennis Doyon) 383-2732; (L. Murray) 383-2617; (M.Curtis) 383-2293

Location: Cabot Trail, Cape North
Type of trail: Groomed, tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: Daily by Pisten Bulley 100 grooming tractor
Number of Trails: One main trail with three satellite loops leading off main totalling 14-16 kilometers when completely groomed
Ability-rating/Length: 6km Easiest, 5km More Difficult, 3 km Most Difficult Note that an additional 2 km of intermediate-advanced trail is groomed rarely.
Special Attractions: Annual North Highland Loppet; Weekly Adult, Teen and elementary-aged children's lessons.
Services: Instruction, Rentals, indoor washrooms, waxing and warming room, snacks, and great hospitality. Open 7 days a week 9-5

Ski Tuonela
RR4 Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0
Tel: 295-7694
Chris & Annie Law

Location: Goose Cove, St Anns Bay, 11km past the Gaelic College on the Cabot Trail
Type of trail: Touring
Trail: marked-mapped and groomed. No tracks set.
Grooming schedule: After every major snowfall and as required for renovation, etc.
Number of Trails: We have 17km of trails divided into the upper and lower loop systems. We also have the lift serviced Telemark Hill which is ungroomed.
Ability-rating: Intermediate to advanced.The first two kilometers is a gentle climb and would be termed "easy"
Special Attractions: On hill accommodations in Chalet style cabins.
Services: Cabins: Main Lodge: Sauna: Waxing room; Telemark & X-Country Gear Rentals; CANSI Telemark Instructors; retail sales of ski gear and clothing

Wentworth Hostel
RR1, Wentworth, NS B0M 1Z0
Tel: 548-2379
Fax: 548-2389
Liz Rosky

Location: Valley Road, off Route 104, Wentworth, Nova Scotia
Type of trail: Touring trail
Number of Trails: 3
Ability rating: intermediate
Services: 20-bed hostel accommodations in 100-year-old farmhouse, water, maps, ski, pole and boot rentals (call ahead). Waxing and warm-up room in hostel. Trail map $1 from the hostel.
Total length of trails: 25 km (15 mi); marked trails for skiing, hiking, cycling.

Wentworth Campground
Location: Wentworth, NS
Type of trail: Touring trail
Number of Trails: 3
Ability rating: beginner
Services: see Wentworth Hostel
Liz Rosky

Kejimkujik National Park Skiing
Box 236, Maitland Bridge, NS B0T 1B0
Tel: 682-2772
Jackie Jorissen.

o Big Dam Road
Length: 6.4 km return
Location: Kejimkujik National Park
Type of trail: Touring Track
Schedule of Grooming: The Warden Service will pack down the trail with a snowmobile once or twice a week as time provides.
Ability rating: This trail has some bigger hills and turns -- rated at intermediate.

o Peskowesk Trail to Lower Mersey River
Length: 16 km return
Location: Southern part of Kejimkujik Park
Type of trail: Touring Track
Schedule of Grooming: The Warden Service will pack down the trail with a snowmobile once or twice a week as time provides.
Ability rating: Intermediate
Special Attractions: At the Lower Mersey River is a Seasonal Warm-up Shelter -- 8 km in.

o Canning Field Road
Location: Across the road from Jakes Landing (Canoe Concessions) at Keji Park
Type of trail: Touring Track
Schedule of Grooming: When people ski on it.
Ability rating: Beginner

Notes: The Peskowesk Trail continues past the Lower Mersey R. to Mason's Cabin (a further 19 km) or the Fire Tower cabin (another 11 km). The Trail has a distance marker every km for the first 8 kms; I marker for every 2km from the 10th to the 16th km. Then a marker at 20 km., 25km., and 27km.

Other areas for skiing at the beginner level are 6 - l km loop roads in Jeremys Bay Campground.

Warm upshelters at Merrymakedge Beach (2) and Mill Falls are enclosed with wood stoves and firewood with nearby pit prives for day use."

Reservations are required to camp at the two backcountry cabins, for reservations call 682-2772 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday

Although the Park is open for the public all winter, the Visitor Centre
will be closed on weekends this winter. For more information they can call us at 682-2772 - Monday to Friday from 8:30-4:30.

Martock Cross Country Ski Park
RR3, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Tel: 798-9501
Ski report: 798-3000
Fax: 798-9510
Joey Ryan

Take Hwy 101 to Exit 5 south of Windsor then follow signs. Rte 14. 45 minutes from Halifax.

Type of Trail: Groomed and Tracked - Snowmaking on 100% of terrain
Grooming Schedule: Daily
Number of Trails: 14
Ability-rating: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Special Attractions: weekly races/loppets, women's program, jackrabbit program, race program, lessons
Services: Lodge, cross country equipment rentals, food services, ounge, ski patrol, ski shop

Beaver Mountain Provincial Park
Antigonish Area
Beaver Mountain, NS
Tel: 863-1141
Fax: 863-7342
Antigonish County Recreation Department

Hwy 104, Exit 30, right 2.5 km (1.5 mi) on Beaver Mountain Rd. Total length of trails: 6 km (3.5 mi); 2 marked trails. Ungroomed. Open seasonally.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Tel: 285-2273
Trail and Snow report: 285-2549
Heather Dixon

Cape Breton Highlands National Park has seven groomed trails totalling 35+km in four different areas: Black Brook, Warren Lake, Broad Cove and Clyburn River Valley. Skiers should be advised that the weather is very changeable, especially at higher elevations.

Grooming is done five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday. The first priority for grooming is the trails in the Black Brook Area. After those are done then Broad Cove and Clyburn Trail are groomed. National Park Trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing, except the Clyburn which is only groomed for classic skiing.

A permit is required to ski on any groomed trail in the Park. Youths and Students ski free. Adult fees are $5 per day or $35 for the season. The Snow & Trail Report is updated daily by the groomer operator -- usually by 4 pm.

Synopsis: Black Brook Loops - 3 km, 1.5 km, 0.5 km; Mary Ann Falls - 24 km return; Warren Lake 3 km return; Gold Mine - 9 km return; all groomed, tracked, renovated. Back-country wilderness skiing. Touring trails, overnight ski camping cabins, warm-up shelters, waxing hut (electricity, wood stoves); winter camping. Also fishing, sliding, snowshoeing.

o Black Brook Trail
Length: .75km
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Ability-rating: 3 beginner
Special Attractions: Scenic views of the Black Brook River canyon
Services: There is a warming hut and waxing hut, both with electricity and wood stoves, and pit privies at the main trailhead at Black Brook.

o Cove Look Out Trail
Length: 1.5 km
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Ability-rating: 2 Intermediate
Special Attractions: Services: Same trailhead at Black Brook

o Otter Run
Length: 3.0 km
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Ability-rating: 2 intermediate
Special Attractions:
Services: Same Trail head at Black Brook

o Sunrise Trail
Length 5.5 km
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: Daily
Ability-rating: 2 Intermediate
Special Attractions: Scenic views -- This trail goes from Black Brook to Mary AnnFalls. It is part of the longer Trail that goes from Black Brook past Mary Ann Falls and to the Warren Lake Warden Station. The trail climbs to 500 metres above sea level and descends back down (the other half of the trail). Scenic views of the Atlantic coastline and interior wilderness plateau wilderness. Watch for wildlife -- moose, deer or even otter tracks.
Services: Same Trail head at Black Brook plus there is a warm up hut and pit privy near the falls.

o Mary Ann Falls
Length: 6.5 km
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Number of Trails: 2 Intermediate
Special Attractions: The other part of the longer trail, that goes from Mary Ann Falls to the Warren Lake Warden Station.
Services: There is a warm-up hut and pit privy near the falls.

o Warren Lake Trail
Length: 3.0 return
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Ability-rating: 3 Beginner
Special Attractions: Trail is through a mixed forest of birch, maple, poplar and spruce to Warren Lake, the largest lake in the Park
Services: Pit privies

o Broad Cove Campground
Length: 3 km return
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Ability-rating: 3 Beginner

o Gold Mine
Length: 8 km return
Location: Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Type of trail: Groomed, Tracked to the inside gate only for 2004.
Grooming schedule: 5 days a week as needed
Ability-rating: 3 Beginner
Special Attractions: Views of the Golf Course -- Highland Links. Trail follows the Clyburn River through a hardwood valley of beech, maple and birch, with some white spruce. Scenic views of Franey Mountain.
Services: Warm up shelter at the Gold Mine ruins and a pit privy.
Backcountry Ski Area -- No service, local inquiries advised

Skiing in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park off the groomed trails would be considered a Backcountry Ski Area. Skiers who ski off-trail in the Park are advised to check with Warden/Staff.

Lunenburg Co. Municipal Activity & Recreation Complex (MARC)
33 Leary Fraser Rd, Dayspring
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Rec. Dept.
Tel: 541-1343
Wes Crandall

Location: East side of LaHave River, from Bridgewater.
Total length of trails: 7 km (4.5 mi)
Type of Trail: Touring, hiking
Grooming Schedule: N/A
Number of Trails: eleven
Ability-rating: Beginner, Intermediate and Difficult
Special Attractions: Two on-site outdoor skating ponds and Toboggan Hill.

o Miller Point Peace Park
Dayspring, NS
Tel: 541-1343
Wes Crandall

Type of Trail: Touring
Grooming Schedule: N/A
Number of Trails: 2 km of looping interpretive trail
Ability-rating: Beginner
Special Attractions: LaHave River and Interpretative Center
Services: washroom

Ski Ben Eoin
Box 3, East Bay, NS B0A 1H0
Location: Route 4, Ben Eoin, 20 kms West of Sydney
Tel: 828-2804
Ski report 828-2222
Fax: 828-2550
Kevin MacInnes

Type of Trail: Groomed, Tracked and Renovated by Bombardier BR400 and Snowmobile (Brook Bend trail).
Grooming Schedule: on a daily basis
Number of Trails: 11k for Classic (C) and Skating (S) techniques.
Trails: 16ft (5m) wide. Trackset for Classic technique on left hand side.
Ability-rating: White House Loop (bottom of hill) 3k, flat and easy C & S.
Hilltop Loops (top of the hill) beginner.
Roller-Coaster: 2.2k C & S.
Rabbit Ear: 1k C & S.
Brook Bend: 3k C only
Old Horse Rd.:1.5k C & S. Intermediate.
Slope connecting top and bottom trails.

Special Attractions: Volksport 1000km Challenge, "Duathlon XC-Ski/Snowshoe Race, Jackrabbit Program, Moonlight Jaunts, Socials. Chairlift for easy access to Hilltop Trails. Wilderness property andNetwork of trails available to snowshoers.

Services: Waxing hut, Canteen, Ski shop, Rental, Individual and Group
instruction, Conference room, Washrooms, Cocktail Loundge.

Websites - Related

The following web sites are also a great resource for finding trails throughout Nova Scotia and Canada.

o Trails NS
Sport and Recreation Division of the NS Office of Health Promotion

o Nova Scotia Trails

o Trans Canada Trail - Nova Scotia

o TrailsCanada
(formerly Trailpak)

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Skijoring (See also Dog Sledding)

Crown Jewel Resort Ranch Inc. (see Dog Sledding)

Well known? No.., not really. Skijoring is the perfect activity for avid, experienced cross-country skiers who just happen to be dog lovers. Picture standard cross-country ski gear with an added twist - a hip belt for you connected with a bunji cord to the dog's harness. Your lead dog will respond to your vocal commands and provide added strength and speed as you race across untouched, snowy expanses! Our trails are calling. Will you answer?

Mush Maritimes - Dogsled & Skijor Club (see Dog Sledding)

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Sleigh Rides

Crown Jewel Resort Ranch Inc. (see Dog Sledding)

Evangeline Trail Rides
633 Gospel Wood Rd, RR5, Canning, NS B0P 1H0
Tel: 582-3365
Fax: 582-7650
Vincent Sheffield

Open seasonally. Wagon/sleigh rides.

Hat_eld Farms Cowboy Adventures
1821 Hammond Plains Rd, Bedford, NS B4B 1P4
Tel: 835-5676
Tel: 1-877-835-5676
Fax: 835-1492
Brian Hatfield

March Break 2-hr Special Wagon/Sleigh (depending on weather) Ride Adventure, 12-20 March 2005 (Sat thru Sun). Two Daily Departures: 1) Departs @ 1 pm & returns @ 3 pm; 2) Departs @ 1:30 pm & returns @ 3:30 pm. $10 plus HST per adults and kids alike.

Isner's Riding Stable
1060 Old Sambro Rd, Harrietsfield, NS B3V 1B1
Tel: 477-5043
Dan Isner

Sleigh and wagon rides; group outings. Open year-round, daily.

Medway Pines Stables
205 Medway River Rd, Mill Village, Queens Co.
Tel: 677-2390
Kathrin Muri

Ross Farm Living Museum of Agriculture
RR#2 New Ross, NS B0J 2M0
4568 Highway #12
Tel: 689-2210
Fax: 689-22640

Open seasonally: Wed-Sun in winter. Sleigh Rides Sat. & Sun. begin 8 January 2005

Stonehame Lodge & Chalets
RR#3 Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0K 1R0
Tel: 485-3468
Toll Free: 1-877-646-3468
Fax: 485-5928
RR3 Scotsburn, Pictou County, NS

Scenic sleigh rides afternoon or moonlit evening December, January, February each year atop Fitzpatrick Mountain, Pictou Co.; panoramic view from Fitzpatrick Mountain. Meal packages available. Open seasonally.

The River Ranch Horseback Adventures
RR2, Cambridge, NS B0P 1G0
Tel: 678-1698
Fax: 678-0597
Sarah Ells & Allan Taylor

Trail rides, sleigh & wagon rides, cookouts and more. An hour from Halifax; 10 min from Kentville. Open year-round.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park
Marion Bridge, Cape Breton Island, NS
Tel: 727-2483

Near Marion Bridge. Sleigh rides (by appointment; weather permitting). Group outings. Complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Park admission fee. Open seasonally.

Wyndgate Horse Farm
156 Windsor Junction Crossroad, Waverly, NS B2G 1G3
Tel: 861-2279

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Elderhostel Winter
Elderhostel Canada
308 Wellington Street, Kingston, ON K7K 7A7
(403) 949-2165
or call the Elderhostel Regional Office in Nova Scotia:
Elderhostel Canada
Mount St. Vincent University Continuing Education
166 Bedford Highway
Halifax, NS B3M 2J6.
Tel: 457- 6327
Joyce Kennedy

For details on winter programs write for the Elderhostel Winter Catalogue.

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Snow Sports -- Sales & Rentals

Sales and rentals are offered at most ski hills. Many cross country ski trail facilities also offer rentals (see listings). Information courtesy of Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia (CCSNS).

Skiing - Rentals:

Goose Cove St. Ann's (RR#4 Baddeck)
Tel: 929-2144
Rentals (on site only)

Tom's Ski & Snowboard Shop
Ski Ben Eoin (East Bay Hwy)
Tel: 828-2804

North Highland Nordic Ski Club
Cape North:Club Room
383-2479 or Club Info 383-2293
-also rent a "pulk"

Skiing - Sales:

The Adventure Outfitters (TAO)
714 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1C2
Tel: 481-9TAO (9826)

Snow Shoes, Cross Country Skis & Boots, Trekking & Ski Poles, Footwear, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing. TAO takes it's motto of "We provide the gear. Nature provides the rest" very seriously. We believe that equipment affordability is very important in our mission to encourage people to get outside, and stay outside. Although TAO is a small retail store, we strive to offer our customers the very best prices in the city.

The Trail Shop
6210 Quinpool Road, Halifax NS B3L 1A3
Tel: 423-8736
Fax: 423-8710

Full Service Ski Shop: Little Skiers Gear: CCSNS Member Discount on Complete Packages

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
1550 Granville Street, Halifax NS
Tel: 421-2667

Goose Cove, St. Ann's
RR#4 Baddeck, Cape Breton Island
Tel: 929-2144
Full Service Ski Shop, Rentals (on site only)

Tom's Ski & Snowboard Shop
Ski Ben Eoin (East Bay Hwy)
Tel: 828-2804
Full Service Ski Shop, Rentals Children's Equipment

The Pedal Shop
527 Main St., Kingston NS
Tel: 765-0443
Full Service Ski Shop, Children's Gear, CCSNS Member Discount (10% for members)

Hub Cycle Inc.
33 Inglis Place, Truro NS
Tel: 897-2482
Full Service Ski Shop, Children's Gear, CCSNS Member Discount (10% for members)

*Full Service Shop = offers sales, binding installation, base repairs, base preparation, etc


NS Snowboard Association (See Winter -- Snowmobiling)
3010 PLC, 5516 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 435-6142
John Duckworth, president (766-0104)

Pro Skatesboards & Snowboards
Box 1075, Halifax, NS B3J 2X1
Tel: 429-6788
John Swinamer

o Board Nova Scotia
Cool website of Matt Allen

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Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia
Box 3010, Park Lane Centre, Halifax, NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 425-5450 (ext. 324)
Jamie Wolverton

Alpine Snowmobile Club
Box 131, Port Hood, NS B0E 2W0
Tel: 787-2232
Leonard Tobey

Annapolis Valley Lake & Ridge Runners (AVL & RR)
272 Windermere Rd, Berwick, NS B0P 1E0
Tel: 538-8879
Tom Corkum

Cabot Snowmobile Club
Box 385, New Waterford, NS B1H 4S5
Tel: 862-8948
David Aucoin

Cape Clear Snowmobile Club
Box 866, Port Hawkesbury, NS B0E 2V0
Tel: 625-1959
Clarence Morash

Chignecto Trails Snowmobile & Recreation Club
1396 Main St, River Hebert, NS B0L 1G0
Tel: 251-2303
Gerald Trio

Crossburn Snowmobile Club
Box 131, New Germany, NS B0R 1E0
Tel: 644-3205
John Brown

Crowdis Mountain Snowmobile Club
Box 665, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0
Tel: 295-3470
Ernie MacIntosh

Cumberland Snowmobile Club
RR1, South Hampton, NS B0M 1W0
Tel: 546-2444
Keith Bowman

Driftclimbers Snowmobile Club
9 Blue Mountain Dr, Hammonds Plains, NS B4B 1L1
Tel: 832-1885
Angus Ross

Eastern Trailblazers Snowmobile Club
26 Pine St, Sydney, NS B1S 3E4
Tel: 562-4463
Robert Carmichael

Fundy Trail Snowmobile Club
RR1, Belmont, NS B0M 1C0
Tel: 662-3898
Allan Tucker

Hants Sno-Dusters
RR1, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Tel: 798-3757
Russell Burgess

Highland Snowmobile Club
Box 357, Cheticamp, NS B0E 1H0
Tel: 224-1842
Jacques Chiaisson

Inverness Capers Snowmobile Club
RR1, Inverness, NS B0E 1N0 258-2572
Jerome MacEachern

Margaree Highlands Snowmobile Club
NE Margaree, NS B0E 2H0
Tel: 248-2244
Darrell Taylor

North Shore Snowmobile Club
1913 Portobello Rd, Waverley, NS B0N 2S0
Tel: 860-1484
Allan Trenholm

Pictou County Snowriders
RR1, Scotsburn, NS B0K 1R0
Tel: 485-2596
Jeremy Cock

Route Six Snowmobile Club
RR5, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0
Tel: 657-9343
David MacLean

Sno-Dogs Snowmobile Club
3150 Fraser's Mills, St. Andrews, NS B0H 1X0
Tel: 863-2289
Troy Peters

Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club
Eastern Shore
Tel: 533-2521
Ira Corkum

St. Margarets Bay Snowmobile & ATV Club
Box 231, Hubbards, NS B0J 1T0
Tel: 857-9018
John Scott

Sutherlands Lake Trail Groomers Association
1168 Fall River Rd, Truro, NS B2N 5B1
Tel: 895-4972
Joel Baker

Winter Wanderers Snowmobile & ATV Club
RR2, Havre Boucher, NS B0H 1P0
Tel: 234-2047
Leonard Sampson

Snowmobiling - Tours

Down to Earth Adventures
5680 Spring Garden Road, PO Box 36073, Halifax, NS B3J 3S9
David Turk

Websites - Related

o Maine Snowmobile Site

o New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

o Nova Scotia Trails

o Snowmobiling

o Snowmobile Conditions for Canada and the US

o Trails NS
Sport and Recreation Division of the NS Office of Health Promotion
Map of snowmobile trails throughout Nova Scotia

o Trans Canada Trail - Nova Scotia

o TrailsCanada
(formerly Trailpak)

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Ross Farm Museum
New Ross, NS
Tel: 689-2210

Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures
1141 White Point Rd, Smelt Brook
Cape Breton Island, NS B0C 1G0
Tel/Fax: 383-2732
Dennis Doyon

Guided wilderness snowshoe tours; multi-day all-inclusive packages; equipment supplied. Snow and moose guaranteed Jan 15-Apr 15. Member: NSATA. Open Dec 1-Apr 15.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park
Marion Bridge, Cape Breton
Tel: 727-2483

o Canoe Camp Salmon River
4676 Grand Mira North Rd.
Marion Bridge, NS B1K 3V1
Tel: 727-2023
Fax: 727-2023

Wreck Cove Wilderness Cabins
Wreck Cove
St. Ann's Bay Area, Cabot Trail
Tel: 929-2800; 877-929-2800
Mike Crimp

Tours, instruction, and rentals; high-tech snowshoes. Member: NSATA. Open Dec 1-Apr 30.

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Burke-Gaffney Observatory
Department of Astronomy and Physics
St Mary's University
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3
Info Line: 496-8257
Office: 420-5633
Fax: 420-5141
Dr. Gary A. Welch, Director
Dave Lane, Technician

Free public tours of the Burke-Gaffney Observatory are held, weather permitting, on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, except from June through September when they are held every Saturday. Tours begin at 7pm between November 1 and March 30 and at either 9pm or 10pm (depending on when it gets dark) between April 1 and October 31. Meet the tour in the lobby (near the Goresbrook Ave entrance) of the Loyola Residence Building. On clear evenings, the 40-cm telescope is used to view the planets, the Moon, or other interesting celestial objects.

There will be no tour on cloudy or rainy nights. The decision to hold or cancel a tour is usually made by 6pm on Saturday. Always call the information line (496-8257) after 6pm to find out if the tour is on or off. Groups wishing special tours can be accommodated on Monday evenings by reservation.

To view a current chart of the Nova Scotia evening sky in Adobe Acrobat format (you will need the free viewer software) visit the website.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Halifax Centre, RASC
PO Box 31011, Halifax, NS B3K 5T9
Tel: 826-7957
Fax: 826-7957
Craig Levine, President

The Halifax Centre of the RASC is an active association of over 200 amateur and professional astronomers, united by their appreciation of the night sky and the wonders it contains. The Centre is located in the provincial capital city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but many members live in several outlying communities, other provinces, and even other countries. The roots of the Centre date back to the1940s, when it was known as the Nova Scotia Astronomical Society.

The RASC prides itself in educating the general public about astronomy. The public programs sponsored by Halifax Centre include: lectures, public star nights, and activities during special astronomical events. Regular meetings of the Halifax Centre of the RASC are open to everyone. They are held at Saint Mary's University (at the south end of Robie Street) in Room L176 of the Loyola Academic Building. Meetings are held every month (except July and August) beginning at 8 PM, normally on the third Friday (double check in December and May).

St. Croix Observatory
of the RASC Halifax Centre
St. Croix, Minas Basin, NS

The Halifax Planetarium

The Halifax Planetarium has a long history, dating from its establishment in 1954 at the old Nova Scotia Museum of Science on Spring Garden Road and at the time was the first public planetarium in Canada. The Halifax Planetarium is now located in Dalhousie University's Sir James Dunn Physics Building. At the moment, due to lack of volunteers, the planetarium is essentially closed to the public. A small number of school shows are provided by the NS Museum of Natural History. Contact Bonnie Julian or 424-7353 for information.

Websites - Related

o Constellation List

o Northern Lights

o Winter Stargazing Tips for Kids

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Rossignol Surf Shop
RR1, Port Joli, NS B0T 1SO
Civic Address: 600 St. Catherines River Rd, Port Joli
683-2140 / 877-990-3733
683 2530

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NS Outdoor Leadership Development Program (NSOLD)
Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission
5516 Spring Garden Road, Suite 200
PO Box 864
Halifax, NS B3J 2V2
Tel: 424-4642
Fax: 424-0520
Ted Scrutton, Coordinator, Outdoor Recreation

The NSOLD Program aims to enhance the quality and quantity of outdoor leaders in Nova Scotia through a comprehensive, experiential leadership development process. Managed by a volunteer committee working in conjunction with the Sport and Recreation Division, the program engages some of Nova Scotia's best outdoor specialists in the delivery of its programs. It provides participants with the knowledge and training to become informed, more experienced outdoor leaders. This results in safer, more enjoyable and environmentally sensitive experiences in our back country.

The program is designed for volunteers and professionals, 17 years of age and older, who want to become outdoor leaders or who wish to upgrade their current outdoor and leadership skills. Examples of groups using NSOLD training include youth-serving agencies, schools, volunteer organizations, government departments, organizations in the private sector, universities, and of course, individuals who want to enhance their own personal development.

All aspects of the program embrace the principles of experiential learning, environmental stewardship, accessibility by all, sound risk management and volunteerism.

BASIC COURSES: Wilderness Navigation o Outdoor Survival o Emergency Procedures o Environmental o Interpretation o Wilderness Ethics o LEADERSHIP COURSES: Leadership School o Women's Outdoor o Leadership o SPECIAL INITIATIVES: Mentoring in the Outdoors o Leadership Resource o Service o Affiliated o Programs: o Wilderness and Remote o First Aid (Red Cross) o Becoming an Outdoors Woman (NS Dept. of Natural Resources)

o Survival for Outdoor Recreation
Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission

Concepts covered in this manual include heat loss/heat gain, fire, shelter, clothing, exercise, food, and tools for survival. An absolute must for outdoor enthusiasts! You will require Acrobat Reader to view the files on this site.

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Walking & Hiking Trails, Field Trips & Groups

The following web sites are a great resource for finding trails throughout Nova Scotia and Canada. Groups such as the Halifax Outdoors Club, the Volksmarch clubs, Valley Trekkers Volkssport Club (847-1772), Halifax Field Naturalists, and NS Museum of Natural History organize excursions and field trips throughout winter. Please also consult our forthcoming Outdoor Resource Guide for a complete up-to-date list of all community trail associations and hiking, walking and outdoor clubs in Nova Scotia. Many trails suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Juan, so it is best to check before you go.

o Dartmouth Volksmarch Club
Tel: 462-0659

o Explore Nova Scotia Hiking Trails

Dino Nardini's independent website with good directions to many trails throughout Nova Scotia. Please note that not all of these trails are organized or maintained.

o Halifax Field Naturalists
c/o NS Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax NS B3H-3A6

o Halifax Outdoor Club
Sponsored by Hostelling International - NS (Youth Hostelling)
Tel: 492-5450
Hotline: 496-5836
Events calendar:

o Halifax Wildlife Association
PO Box 31055, Halifax, NS B3K 5T9

o Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
1747 Sumner Street, Halifax, NS B3H-3A6
Tel: 424-7353

o Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia

o Trails NS
Sport and Recreation Division of the NS Office of Health Promotion

The trail descriptions and maps are catagorized by use. Excellent descriptions including ratings for difficulty and emergency contacts. Detailed maps with trail descriptions of Shared-Use Trails as well as Snowmobile, Canoe Waterways, Seakayak Routes, Coastal Water Trails, and Trans Canada Trail

o Nova Scotia Trails Federation
Box 3010 South, 5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th floor, Halifax NS B3J 3G6
Tel: 425-5450 (ext. 325)
Fax: 425-5606
Jim Vance, Executive Director

Sports: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Cross Country Skiing, Telemark Skiing, Snowshoeing, Dog Sledding, Winter Camping, Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking, White Water Kayaking, Canoeing, White Water Canoeing.

Objective: The primary purpose of the NSTF is to promote the development and wise use of trails for the benefit of Nova Scotians and visitors.

o Trans Canada Trail - Nova Scotia

o TrailsCanada
(formerly Trailpak)

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Outdoor Skills for Women
NS Dept of Natural Resources
To register contact Susan Hruszowy at 902-424-5832

Now's your chance to try Cross Country Skiing, Ice Fishing, Winter Camping, learn how to survive Winter Emergencies, cook Wild Edibles in Winter and more! The Becoming an Outdoors Woman® (BOW) program is a workshop primarily aimed at women but is an opportunity for anyone 18 years or older to learn outdoor skills -- skills usually associated with hunting and fishing, but useful for many outdoor pursuits. Originally started in the US in 1991, Nova Scotia began offering the program to women in 1997. Its primary focus is assisting people to overcome barriers, whether social or financial, to learning outdoor skills. If you are a novice or have no experience in fishing, hunting or other outdoor sports but want to learn, this program is for you.

Resources - Publications

Winter Activities

o Flower, Raymond. 1976. The History of Skiing and Other Winter Sports. Methuen Publications, New York.

o Matt Haakenstad and John Thompson (illus.Jack Lunde). Ski Spot Run; the enchanting world of skijoring and related dog-powered sports. Paperback, 204 pages, 2004.

Environmental Stewardship

o Chernushenko, David. 1994. Greening Our Games: Running Sports Events and Facilities That Won't Cost the Earth. Ottawa. Order from Go For Green at: 1-800-UB-ACTIV (1-800-822-2848)

The science of winter features

o Gibson, Merritt, Winter Nature Notes for Nova Scotians, (illus.). 1980. Lancelot Press, Hantsport, NS

o Sadler, Doug. 1990. Winter: A Natural History. Broadview Press Ltd., Peterborough, Ontario.

o Robertson, Alexander, Porter, Stuart and Brodie, George, eds. 1993. Climate and Weather of Newfoundland and Labrador. Creative Publishers, St. John's, Newfoundland.

o Sheldon, Ian and Eder, Tamara (Illus.). Animal Tracks of Atlantic Canada. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, Alberta

Natural features for youth

o Bowden, Marcia and Rishel, Marilyn (illus.). 1989. "Winter" in Nature for the Very Young. John Wiley & Sons, New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore.

o Hickman, Pamela and the Federation of Ontario Naturalists and Shore, Judy (illus.) 1990. "Insects in Winter" in Fascinating Facts and Amazing Activities to Make you Bugwise. Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto.

o Parker, Steve, (ed.) 1988. "The Pond in Winter" in Eye Witness Books Pond and River. Stoddart Co. Ltd.

o Hayley, Diane and Wishart, Pat and Berg, Jo-El (Illus.) 1993. Knee High Nature Winter: A Guide to Nature Activities and Fun. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, Alberta.

o Selsam, Millicent E. and Wheatley, Arabelle (illus.), 1982. Where Do They Go? Insects in Winter. Four Winds Press, New York.

Keeping warm in winter and winter camping resources

o Kreissman, Bern. 1997. The Complete Winter Sports Safety Manual: Staying Safe and Warm While Snomshowing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling and Camping. Bear Klaw Press, Davis, California.

o Wilkerson, James A., M.D. (ed.), Bangs, Cameron C., M.D., Hayward John S, PhD,. Tuttle, Mark J. (assist.), 1986. Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Recognition, and Prehospital Treatment. The Mountaineers.

o Curtis, Sam. 1980. Harsh Weather Camping. Manasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama.

o Weiss, Hal. 1992. Secrets of Warmth. Cloudcap, Seattle Washington, and Rocky Mountain Books, Calgary, Alberta.

o Gorman, Steven. 1991. Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Guide to Winter Camping. Appalachian Mountain Club Books, Boston Mass.

o Scrutton, Ted and Longard, Don. Survival for Outdoor Recreation. Published by the Nova Scotia Outdoor Leadership Program.

o Program Resources and Activities, Lost and Found: An Outdoor Survival Program for Children, Nova Scotia Sport & Recreation Commission in cooperation with the Nova Scotia Safety Council.


o Findlay, Joy and Hawkins, Joan Heys (illus.), 1982. Winter Here and Now. Aspen House Productions Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta.

o Bennet, Steve J. and Ruth I. Loetterle. 1993. 365 Outdoor Activities You Can do with Your Child. Bob Adams Inc., Holbrook, Massachusetts

o Marchand, Peter J and Walker, Libby (Illus.), 1987. Life In the Cold: An Introduction to Winter Ecology. Hanover and London, England.

o Nestor, William P. and Banta, Susan (Illus.), 1982. Into Winter: Discovering a Season. Houghton Mifflen Company, Boston, Massachusetts.

o Cvancara, Alan M. and Richards, Daniel F. (Illus.), 1992. Exploring Nature In Winter: A Guide to Activities, Adventures, And Projects for the Winter Naturalist. Walker Publishing Company. New York, And by Thomas Allen & Son Canada, Limited. Markham, Ontario.

o Allington, Richard L., Krull, Kathleen and Wallner, John C. (Illus.), 1981. Beginning to Learn About Winter. Raintree Children's Books. Milwalkee, Wisconsin.

o Dingwall, Laima and Slaight, Annabel (eds.), 1983, 1980. Owl's Winter Fun. Owl Magazine/GOLDEN PRESS book. Grey de Pencier Books. Toronto, Ontario.

o Cavell, Edward and Reid, Dennis. 1988. When Winter Was King: The Image of Winter in 19th Century Canada. Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. Banff, Alberta.

o Saunders, Gary (Illus.), 2001. Discover Nova Scotia: The Ultimate Nature Guide. Nimbus Publishing Ltd. Halifax, NS.

o Saunders, Gary (Illus.), 2002. So Much Weather: Facts, Phenomena and Weather Lore from Atlantic Canada. Nimbus Publishing Ltd. Halifax, NS.

Cultural Winter Holidays

o McInnes, Celia and Yates, John (Illus.). 1988. Projects for Winter. Wayland Publishers Ltd., East Sussex.


o Sky News: The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing

Resources - Misc. Websites

Arctic Sports

As part of their traditional activities, the Inuit peoples include challenges in the form of competitive games. Designed in part to teach and encourage youth to develop skills necessary for adulthood, these games are often an integral part of social gatherings. The Arctic Sports are a collection of these traditional games exemplifying strength, balance, courage and stamina: qualities needed to survive and thrive in any environment.

School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Lakehead University, Ontario

Trivia: Top 5 Winter Sports in the US

Here are the most popular winter sports and the estimated number of Americans, ages 18 and under, who enjoy them:
1. Ice/figure skating: 3.7 million
2. Downhill skiing: 2.6 million
3. Ice hockey: 1.2 million
4. Snowboarding: 1.1 million
5. Cross-country skiing: 678,000

Source: The Winter Sports Foundation, 23 January 1998 Vol.3 No.14

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