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Cuba gears up for May Day celebration

Parades and ceremonies are planned at the Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana and throughout the country to celebrate International Workers Day on May 1

HAVANA (16 April 2008) - THE main celebration for International Workers Day will take place in Havana with the traditional parade in the Plaza de la Revolucion on Thursday May 1. At least half a million people of the Cuban capital will participate in the march.

The commemoration is seen as a chance for people to show their patriotic, revolutionary and socialist convictions and support for the Revolution, the leadership of the Communist Party, and Fidel and Raul Castro. Workers and their families from the nearby Havana municipalities of Plaza, Central Havana, Old Havana and Cerro are expected to attend in mass along with a representation from the rest of the province's municipalities.

Parades are also planned on May 1 or the preceding days in communities, municipalities and provincial capitals throughout the country as well as ceremonies at workplaces from April 22-30.

The slogan for this year's May Day is "Unity, Strength and Victory," and activities will lead up to the celebration for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution and the 70th of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC). Strengthening the Cuban labour movement and making progress in the revolution's priority tasks and programs will be part of the show of support.

Another important element of this year's celebration will be the demand for the release of the Cuban Five, who have unjustly spent nearly a decade in US prisons. A call will be made to strengthen the ties of fraternity among the peoples of Latin America and other continents at a complex time in which US policy is becoming more aggressive and dangerous.

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