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October / November 2007

HOW do we teach communication skills to our children when much of our interaction with them is non-verbal? KRISTA C. REID
At a conference in Halifax in June, a new six-person body called the Atlantica Council was introduced ... Peter MacKay, Minister for ACOA, handed over $548,000 to the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce to fund this Council.
On the morning of 12 September 2007 supporters of Cole Webber and the Halifax Coalition against Poverty [HCAP] came to court to support him in his defence against an assault charge arising from an HCAP action. Mr. Webber won the case very easily, but it was not a complete victory for the people of Canada on that day. AARON DONCASTER
A Cape Breton fisherman has taken a vocal public stand against the Royal Bank of Canada after a series of events in 1999-2000 that led to the seizure of his fishing vessel, his home, and numerous items of his personal property. ENA BOUTILIER
The controversial proposed gold mine at Moose River, NS was the hot topic at recent meetings in four Eastern Shore communities.
Local coalition to take part in National Day Against War in Afghanistan, Iran.

The odds of a moose having the albino trait is one in 100,000, but to our knowledge no other albino moose has ever been seen, or photographed, on Cape Breton Island. RANKIN MACDONALD

Feature: First Nations at the 61st Session of the UN General Assembly
(Oct) On September 13 the UN General Assembly debated the theme of Indigenous rights, culminating in the adoption of a declaration to protect the rights of indigenous peoples world-wide by an overwhelming vote of 143 in favour and 11 abstentions. Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand were the only states voting against adoption. Those states voting for the Declaration included the White House's closest allies and the world's oldest colonial powers such as Spain, Britain and the United Kingdom. TONY SEED
(Oct) Now that the declaration has been adopted, Canadian diplomats are allegedly working backroom channels to exempt the country from the protections the document grants to Indigenous people by pushing to dilute the mandate of the world body's point man on Indigenous issues. JORGE BARRERA
National and international reaction

A new report, Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity, outlines the factors causing damage to the ocean, namely fishing, pollution and climate change, and also suggests a set of solutions. ANURADHA KHER

U.S. Representative Mark Udall, in a recent letter, repeats two familiar canards about Iran. First, "Iran has defied the international community by continuing to work to advance" its nuclear program. Second, "Iran's president has publicly stated his intention to 'wipe Israel off the map.'" The first of these statements is misleading, the second false. LeROY MOORE addresses both.
(26 Oct) US Vice President Dick Cheney - the power behind the throne, the eminence grise, the man with the (very) occasional grandfatherly smile - has already asked for a backroom analysis of how a war with Iran might begin.
(Oct) Despite its successes in heading off the US to date, Iran and all objective observers must know that the US will come for it again and more aggressively in the future, and that there is little Iran can do but be prepared to defend itself when that time comes. Editorial, Crescent International

For every 90k-a-week Didier Drogba, hundreds of West African hopefuls fail - sold down the river by unscrupulous traffickers preying on the lure of the English Premier League.
The Metro Mens' Masters Basketball League is one of Nova Scotia's best kept secrets. TONY SEED
The death of five athletes in one week stirred debate around a problem that affects the world of sports: Sudden Death Syndrome writes Raiko Martín.
THE Cuban sports movement has had to face several obstacles during the nearly half-century US blockade that run from denying Cuban athletes and sports officials from attending competitions or conferences in the US, including Puerto Rico, to roadblocks in acquiring sports equipment and medicines. MIGUEL HERNANDEZ
For Marion Jones, the burden of the guilt must weigh much more than her five Olympic medals won in Sydney. Her repeated maneuvers to clear herself by pretending to be a drug free athlete have hit rock bottom. FRANCISCO MASTRASCUA

Atlantic Salmon once teemed up the rivers of eastern Canada in staggering numbers to spawn in an annual ritual that put the biological richness of the region on full display. ED STODDARD

On 31 July 2007 he concluded his Reflection, "The eternal flame", with the pronouncement: "Life is meaningless without ideas. There is no greater joy than to struggle in their name."
(1 May) Presentation on Security Prosperity Partnership - Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians

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