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Albino moose

INVERN, CB (17 October 2007) - AN albino moose in the Margarees?

You've got to be kidding me, or is this a late April Fool's prank?

Yet the pictures looked authentic, and when the couple dropped into The Oran office with the photos still on their digital camera there seemed to be no doubt that an albino moose was wandering in the forests of Margaree.

The odds of a moose having the albino trait is one in 100,000, but to our knowledge no other albino moose has ever been seen, or photographed, on Cape Breton Island.

This albino has been visiting the couple's property for a couple of weeks, but they didn't want to identify where they live in case some uncaring hunter would kill this rare and beautiful animal.

White-coloured moose have been reported in Norway, Wisconsin, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alaska, Idaho and Newfoundland.

Restrictions on the hunting of white-coloured moose were put in place for the Port au Port Peninsula in 2002 by Newfoundland and Labrador. No other province has hunting regulations prohibiting the harvest of white-coloured moose, but it is something this province should look at; and we would hope no hunter would be so callous as to kill such a unique animal.

Idaho, which seems to have a population of such animals, is also looking into banning the hunting of these animals.

The Oran attempted to contact Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists at four different offices on Cape Breton and the mainland, but like all good wildlife biologists they were in the wild.

But from people in those departments we did talk to, the white moose in Margaree is a first for Cape Breton.

If you have proof that there have been sightings of the albino moose on our island call The Oran and let us know.

For now, we wish our white moose a long and healthy life.

Source: http://oran.ca/news/NewsMainStory.html

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