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Canadian Arab and Muslim groups protest anti-immigrant Islamophobic conference

Fraser Institute-sponsored event also stacked with Canadian media bigots, Islamophobes

(11 June 2007) - THE Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) and the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) have issued a joint statement protesting an upcoming Toronto conference on "Immigration Policy, Border Controls, and the Terrorist Threat in Canada and the United States," organized by the monopoly-financed Fraser Institute. Their view is that the facilities and platforms of the Canadian people are not to be appropriated for anti-social ends.

The conference is planned for June 28-29 in Toronto.

The event's leading keynote speaker will be the well known Islamophobe and Anti-Arab author, Bat Ye'or, who wrote (among others) "How Europe Became Eurabia."

In addition to Bat Ye'or, the speakers' list for the two-day conference is heavily weighted with major Canadian bigots, Islamophobes, anti-Arab and anti-Immigrant writers and media personalities.

"The blatant bigotry in this gathering of speakers is clearly apparent," today's joint statement said. "They were chosen for their mutually negative views regarding non-European immigrants and in particular the Muslim and Arab immigrant community."

"It is clear that Arab and Muslim immigrants are the assumed target and that this notorious gathering is no more than a high-profile stage for propagating hate against minorities," the statement continued.

The CAF and CIC are therefore asking municipal and federal authorities to respond to the June conference in three areas of concern:

    * Immigration authorities are urged immediately to bar Bat Ye'or from entering Canada;

    * The Toronto Police Services Hate Crime Unit is being asked to closely monitor the conference proceedings;

    * Revenue Canada is being requested to investigate why and how tax-deductible donations given to the Fraser Institute are funding such a conference "which is clearly not in the best interests of all Canadians."

CONTACTS: Khaled Mouammar National President, Canadian Arab Federation E-mail: benwalid@rogers.com Cell: 416-879-6766

Dr. Zijad Delic CIC's Ottawa National Executive Director (613) 698-8469 (Cell) E-mail: imamdrdelic@canadianislamiccongress.com

Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, CIC national president (519) 746-4107 (O) (519) 498-1350 (Cell) E-mail: np@canadianislamiccongress.com

Mrs. Wahida Valiante, CIC national VP (647) 802-8024 (Cell) E-mail: nvp@canadianislamiccongress.com

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