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National Day of Action; New Brunswick-Nova Scotia 'border'

Action in solidarity with First Nations' protests on June 29th

MI'KMA'KI (28 June 2007) - ON JUNE 29th, members of the Mi'kmaq Nation and their allies will be at the 104 Highway at the Nova Scotia - New Brunswick border at 10AM(EST) and then will continue to the Dept. of Indian Affairs in Amherst NS.

We assert that both sides of the Nova Scotia - New Brunswick border and all traditional lands of the Mi'kmaq Nation remain unceded. It is the sovereign right of the independent Mi'kmaq Nation to disrupt or prevent any transportation through the territory. This border was unilaterally established by an order of King George III in 1784 and has served to divide the Mi'kmaq Nation ever since.

On the start of the 'Canada Day' long weekend we will be highlighting Canada's immoral and unjust relations with First Nations. Canada boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world, however the standard of living for Indigenous People ranks 63rd. According to Health Canada, as of June 15, 2007 there were 91 First Nations communities across Canada under a Drinking Water Advisory.

"There is growing frustration and urgency in Native communities for change," said Diane Simon, one of the organizers of the June 29th blockade. "We have survived generations of genocide, assimilation and oppression. We need basic human rights and access to land. The apartheid system needs to be dismantled and we must move towards sovereignty."

This action will include representation from First Nations communities from both sides of the border.

We take this action in solidarity with all other Nations participating in the June 29th day of Action. We recognize that one day of action will not fundamentally alter the dynamic between Indigenous Nations and the Canadian State. This should be considered only a beginning.

For more information:

Brian Francis: bpaw@nb.sympatico.ca (cell) 506-523-3227

Diane Simon: mikmaqsolidarity@gmail.com (cell) 902-233-2969

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