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Our Resources - Our Jobs
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union

MONCTON (7 June 2007) - LOCAL Union leaders of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) from five mills in the Miramichi/Bathurst region have created an inter-union fight back committee to help save jobs in Northern New Brunswick.

At a meeting today, representatives from the UPM and Weyerhaeuser mills developed an overall strategy to help keep the forest-based economy of the region vibrant.

UPM Kymmene mill in Miramichi
"We think forestry is a viable and potentially vibrant industry and we have no intention of giving up in our fight to keep mill workers earning good wages," said Ervan Cronk, Atlantic Region Vice-President of CEP at the meeting.

"Our local union officers today have made it clear that CEP members will not meekly accept the companies' decisions to eliminate jobs. We think if companies like UPM and Weyerhaeuser want access to New Brunswick resources, they need to create and preserve New Brunswick jobs," Mr. Cronk said.

He cited an emergency resolution from this week's convention of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour demanding that the provincial government implement such a policy across all resource based industries. The NBFL was in attendance at today's meeting.

The fight back committee, with representative from each CEP local in the area, will develop a step by step plan to get the provincial government to link access to public resources -- in this case, cutting rights on Crown land -- to keeping jobs in New Brunswick.

The overall theme of the CEP effort is entitled "Our Resources -- Our Jobs."

For further information: Ervan Cronk, (506) 647-2750, (506) 857-8647 (Moncton Office).

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