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Emergency resolution on UPM's announcement of Miramichi mill closure

New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL)

WHEREAS UPM Kymene announced to it's employees today that effective August of this year, it will shut down its mill in Miramichi, NB for a period of nine to twelve months, directly affecting the jobs and livelihood of more than 700 workers; and

WHEREAS this announcement is simply another bad news story for workers who make their livelihood from the forestry sector in this province; and

WHEREAS thousands of additional jobs have already been the price that New Brunswick have paid for the absence of any governmental regulation and support for this industry, and for that matter for other industries in this province; and

WHEREAS multinational corporations are using our natural forestry resources to fuel the greedy expectation of international shareholders and senior executive without any commitment whatsoever to the economic well being of our province, our people and our communities.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NBFL demand that our provincial government require any company using our provincial natural resources as raw material for production and profit in this province to either continue operations and employment in this province or relinquish all right of access to those natural resources.

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