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Breaking the silence - Casino workers speak out

Monday, 30 April 2007

My name is Terrance Kavanaugh, and I work in the Kitchen at the Casino. I am a professional, and should be treated like one.

Instead of supporting advancement in my vocation, the casino has given me nothing but disappointment and a menial job.

My co-workers and I are working together with SEIU to make Casino Nova Scotia a great place to work, with a great Canadian union!

* * * * *

My name is Phil Dunbar, and I work in the Slots Department at the Casino. I have been working with my co-workers to help to build our union over the past many weeks.

At the Casino, like in most workplaces, policies and procedures are in place to ensure a good working relationship between employees and management.

When the management team doesn't follow the policies in place, the relationship between employees and management breaks down and employees have nowhere to turn for support.

Employees need to feel protected in their workplace.

When a problem arises, employees need to know they have someone to turn to.

I know that working together with my co-workers in forming a union will provide that support.
* * * * *

Hello, my name is Shawn Coates. I'm a dealer at Casino Nova Scotia and have been employed there for almost eleven years.

I can't possibly tell you how proud I am to be here today. I'm proud of my coworkers who have thrown themselves into this endeavour, I'm proud of my union and I'm proud of what we are going to do on Thursday when we vote a resounding "yes".

During the past few months so many people have joined this cause and their numbers have increased every day. Many envision a workplace where all employees receive fair living wages and improved working conditions. To me Thursday represents the "end of the beginning." By voting "yes" we will be taking on a voice in our workplace, a voice that commands respect from Management.

Thank you.
* * * * *

Hi and thank you for coming. My name is Julie Glendening and I am a cashier at Casino Nova Scotia. I have been working at the Casino for 3 years.

Today is a very special day for workers at the Casino. I am very proud of my co-workers' efforts to come together to have a strong united voice at work.

All workers deserve respect, dignity and good quality jobs. Time and again, the Casino has disrespected us and treated us unfairly. By forming a union we can put an end to the disrespect and the favouritism.

Well-qualified workers who have been at the Casino for years are often passed over for promotions. It seems you have to be a manager's buddy to get a real opportunity and that's not right. Every worker needs to have the opportunity to advance based on merit and senority.

Today we have taken an important step to making this a reality.

* * * * *

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