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Feburary 2007

(5 Feb 07) The National Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is teaming up with Shunpiking Magazine to publish a special four-page Black History Month tabloid for its members.

(8 Feb 07) The Monsoon Journal, a new English-language monthly tabloid published for Toronto's Tamil community, has teamed up with Nova Scotia's Shunpiking Magazine to publish a special 12-page Black History Supplement.


(25 Feb) Workers employed by Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax have begun the process of forming a union in order to win increased wages, benefits, job security and fair treatment.

(5 Feb) Abitibi-Consolidated, now AbitibiBowater, demands management and union at its paper mill reduce 'operating costs' by $10 million annually. Interview with George McDonald, President, CEP Local 63, Grand Falls-Windsor

(2 Feb) An important feature of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations implemented by executive order on 16 November 2006 is the militarization of Canadian ports. TONY SEED

Terminal error on the doorstep of old Québec. The Lévis Environmental Protection Association

Feb 27th showing in Halifax of acclaimed film documenting Cuba's decisive role in the struggle to end racist rule in South Africa and for independence of Namibia.


An internal FBI audit shows that US agents carry out investigations in Canada, often without the knowledge or approval of the Canadian government. Officials say they have made no protest to the US about the FBI operating without permission on Canadian soil.

Canada, Out of Afghanistan! Not a Single Youth for the Armies of Aggression and Annexation!

(7 Feb) During the Vietnam War, the United States conducted a clandestine air war in Cambodia, lied about it to the press, and hid it from the American public. In Iraq, the military has, these last years, engaged in a different kind of secretive air campaign. NICK TURSE


(13 Feb) Top US military commander admits that USA lacks proof to incriminate Iran in the smuggling of weapons to Iraq.

Show of popular support boosts embattled President SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN

But IAEA rules will be respected, says Ahmadinejad SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN

People support nuclear right, but also favour dialogue, compromise SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN

(5 Feb) The US will not leave Iraq without first militarily weakening Iran. SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN

(2 Feb) Ex-US national security adviser warns that Bush is seeking a pretext to attack Iran. BARRY GREY

(11 Feb) Almost all the sources are unnamed. The author is Michael R. Gordon, the same reporter who, on his own, or with Judith Miller, wrote some of the key, and badly misleading or downright inaccurate, articles about Iraqi WMDs in the run-up to the 2003 invasion. GREG MITCHELL

(11 Feb) Now the Washington Post and other media have joined in suggesting a slam dunk case for Iranian weapons killing Americans in Iraq. GREG MITCHELL

(15 Feb) If you wrote a high-profile article for the most influential newspaper in the US that subsequently was widely criticized for its utter reliance on anonymous sources, would you produce a follow-up five days later, also based on unnamed sources? GREG MITCHELL

Know the facts. Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran's President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, "Israel must be wiped off the map". Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove. ARASH NOROUZI

(23 Feb) America's sole superpower status, which steeled the Bush administration in its determination to go to war in Iraq, is losing relevance. Instead, the US has an ungovernable new world on its hands. DANIEL DOMBEY

(19 Feb) World Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Bases - there are 1,700 foreign military bases in the world, 700 of which are American.

(18 Feb) Canada's ongoing subversion of Haiti should give pause. STUART NEATBY

(Feb) When bands of pro-government hoodlums attacked students on January 25, Lebanon again peered into the abyss of civil war. But it backed away, mainly thanks to the rigorous exercise of self-restraint on the part of the opposition. ABBAS FADI MURTADA

Statement by Iraqi writers, journalists and intellectuals against the division of Iraq.

(22 Jan) Israeli Army's lies are no surprise as it admits 44 barriers allegedly removed did not exist.


(22 Feb) February 28th marks the one-year anniversary of the Six Nations Land Reclamation. One year ago, a group of people from Six Nations took back a piece of their land that was under construction by developers and demanded an end to the destruction of their land and to settler encroachment on their territory.


(17 Jan) Scientists, activists, and regulators have developed an extensive list of indicators that are used to measure the health and well-being of the nation's fisheries. However, in the case of Maine's depleted fishery, one needs to look no further than a bowl of chowder.....
Rising temperatures are not simply melting ice; they are changing the very geography of coastlines. Nunataks - "lonely mountains" in Inuit - that were encased in the margins of Greenland's ice sheet are being freed of their age-old bonds, exposing a new chain of islands. JOHN COLLINS RUDOLF


Here he neatly sidesteps any mention of something that might have actually to do with the interior feel of that daily life, such as Canada's continuing status as a US imperialist satellite long after the Warsaw Pact packed it in. It's imperialist realism founded on the principle of 'Harbours Only For War'.
Here you find the "official definition" of what "intelligence gaps", "alternative intelligence", and "not fully supported by the available intelligence".
House of Representatives has elected Rahm Emanuel as its new chairman. Former professional dancer, Mr Emanuel was Bill Clinton's presidential campaign treasurer, then his political director in the White House.


Here, from 2100 to 750 BC (more than 1300 years) the Nile was witness to a civilization like no others. Dr. MOHAMED ELMASRY
It's sad but true, that less than one per cent of historic Islamic Cairo is accessible to tourists; and this despite the fact that Cairo boasts the world's largest concentration of Islamic monuments in any single city. Dr. MOHAMED ELMASRY


The Jewish National Fund is a multi-national corporation with offices in about dozen countries world-wide. This report compiles the facts about its activities, supported by new maps and tables detailing its violations of international and domestic law. August 2005 Report prepared by the Palestine Land Society
(25 Jan) The document provides detail of the regime of severe movement restrictions, bureaucratic ethnic cleansing and political manipulation and fostering of collaborators that Israel operates in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Photo essay MIKE
Halifax Field Naturalists AGM takes place on Thursday, March 1, 7:30.

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