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January 2007


(26 Jan) Canadian Food Inspection Agency are proposing a quarantine zone in Nova Scotia the size of Prince Edward Island that would encompass all of Halifax County and portions of Colchester and Hants counties. CHRISTOPHER MAJKA

(25 Jan) Violated "peace of mind" promises to 155 customers in Vermont. DAVID GRAM

(7 Jan) IAN GORMELY profiles the Mainland Injured Workers Association whose membership has grown 300% in just three years.

(3 Jan) A nation identified with warm, tropical weather, beautiful beaches and a rich cultural heritage, it is a favourite destination for tourists, especially Canadians, over 600,000 of whom have visited the island republic. IAN GORMELY reports on the two-day visit of the Cuban ambassador to Halifax.

Irving-owned company stopped efforts to clean the dangerous chemicals out of the vessel.

(6 Dec 06) Full text of appeal against anti-democratic decision of Halifax Regional Municipality permitting rich condo development on St Margaret's Bay, or monopoly right. JIM FRYDAY et al


Statement of the Canadian Peace Alliance and Collectif échec à la guerre: March 17: Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The activities of the Canadian government are a genuine cause for alarm. ... and what the Conservative Party in power calls Canada's "New Government" is emerging as a truly sordid affair. Commentary by SANDRA L. SMITH


(29 Jan) US anti-war marches draw hundreds of thousands.

(29 Jan) Faslane nuclear base on Clyde faces opposition; locals demand RAF-US facilities in northern Scotland be closed. J B MOFFAT

(29 Jan) Army recruiters are targeting schools in poorer areas of Wales in the wake. They also target Scotland, Mann and Northern Ireland in its drive to attract impressionable young people. J B MOFFAT

(19 Jan) Violence is spreading further across Iraq, as Shia Arab tribes in the south begin to engage occupation forces in new armed resistance. DAHR JAMAIL & ALI AL-FADHILY

How does assassinating an opponent support "the desire of Iraq's leaders and citizens for a peaceful and prosperous future" anywhere, Mr Mackay? - Editorial, Shunpiking Online

(10 Jan) The legal arguments used by the U.S.-sponsored Iraqi court to convict Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity apply even more forcefully to those American leaders who ordered the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN


(9 Jan) The collision near the Straits of Hormuz strips bare Canadian Defence Department propaganda about the "safety" of the "visits" of US nuclear ships to Canadian ports and its disinformation that the prime "threat" is posed by "terrorists."

(7 Jan) Reactions in the western French port town of Loctudy have been furious. "It's murderous behaviour."

(3 Jan) Juvenile had 20 propeller cuts when it was found off Georgia coast. "The extinction time clock on North Atlantic right whales might be rapidly winding down."

(18 Oct) There are at least 32 chemical weapons dump sites located in the waters off US coasts. CHEMICAL WEAPONS WORKING GROUP


FIRST NATIONS - Interview with Daniel Paul (24 Jan) The CBC's Shelagh Rogers talks with Mi'kmaq author and activist DANIEL PAUL about how prejudice in Nova Scotia inspired him to study and disseminate the history of his people, and why he gets a smile on his face every time he Googles the name "Governor Edward Cornwallis." (22 mins &19 secs)

(18 Jan) Three-part audio documentary to be launched in Halifax and Fredericton on 27 and 9 January.

law (14 Jan) intended to preserve the 34 native languages existing in the country.

Report on the Continental Encounter of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala, the name of this continent before the Spanish Conquest, held in La Paz, Bolivia. NADIA HAUSFATHER

Our incarcerated Indigenous inmates are not even citizens of Canada or the United States.


(28 Jan) Subpoenas journalists for court martial of Lieutenant Ehren Watada.

(10 Jan) Freddy MUNOZ, a reporter for the Telesur television network, freed after 56 days of detention by Colombia; unable to present proof.

Those of us who live in the South know that the case of Muñoz is not an isolated one. There are thousands of honest journalists who have paid and continue to pay for their ethic, for their dedication to report the truth, with imprisonment, persecution, threats and violence. ARAM AHARONIAN

(8 Dec) Award-winning film director choses to present his latest film in Cuba, instead of Colombia, for "security reasons". There is a witch hunt against critical journalists going on; the Uribe government is using all means to silence opposition and critical media, including death squads.

The use of words like abducted and militant is a clear stance on the Israeli-Palestinian war: Israelis are acting legitimately and Palestinians are criminals. EMILIE ROY

"The media coverage of the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq generates an image of the enemy that reinforces negative stereotypes of Muslims. I document the use of animal metaphors such as rat, weasel, snake, hunt and lair in the mainstream media's discussion of post 9-11 terrorism. I argue that this language violates professional journalistic claims to neutrality, serves to dehumanize individuals and ultimately may act to justify genocide." Dr. ERIN STEUTER

From Our Archives (19/1/04) It's become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King's birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about "the slain civil rights leader." JEFF COHEN & NORMAN SOLOMON


In fact, Egyptians often wonder why visitors are far more interested in their dead ancestors than in the living descendants. BY Dr. MOHAMED ELMASRY


The US Department of State, posing once again as "the world's judge of human rights," released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2005 in March 2006. It pointed the finger at human rights situations in more than 190 countries and regions, but kept silent on the violations of human rights in the US. The Information Office of China's State Council probes the abuses of this self-styled "guardian of human rights.


Sports editors of daily newspapers all over the world allow the sports industry to set the agenda and the priorities for coverage of sports events. Read Play the Game's 2005 Sports Press Survey which analyses 10007 articles from 37 newspapers in 10 countries.


Customers have a hot-pot meal inside an "ice house" restaurant in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province Jan. 1, 2007. The restaurant was made of 240 tons of ice chunks and was expected to be open through this winter. (Xinhua Photo)
Customers walk out of an "ice house" restaurant in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province Jan. 1, 2007. (Xinhua Photo)
Tourists slide down the mountain slope on the air cushion at a ski resort in Jilin city, northeast China's Jilin Province Jan. 1, 2007. (Xinhua Photo)
A tourist skis at a ski resort near Hohhot, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Jan. 1, 2007. (Xinhua Photo)

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