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Violent confrontations resume in Oaxaca

MEXICO (14 January 2007) PL - EIGHT DAYS after the talks between the federal government and the opposition movement in Oaxaca was cancelled the violent confrontations start again and the restarting of next week's talks for solutions is rule out.

At least 100 members of the municipal State Preventive Police move away the Committee of Murder Families sit-in, missing and political prisoners that were settled down at the outside of the regional prison in the south mountains for several days ago.

During the operation the agents beat and arrested about 12 supporters of Oaxaca People´s Popular Assembly (APPO) that were attending a march of protest against the action.

The action was repudiated by a delegation of the International Civil Commission of the Human Rights Organization, the Commission of Justice and Peace from Oaxaca-Antequera Archdioceses and the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights.

The university students from the Federal district and members of APPO marched up to the TV station to denounce the violence broke out ordered by Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz.

The demonstrators demanded to give information to the country about the events in Oaxaca at the time of saying that the spontaneous mobilization is the first among others they will carry out in the country since that moment on.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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