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How does assassinating an opponent support "the desire of Iraq's leaders and citizens for a peaceful and prosperous future", Mr Mackay?

Shunpiking Online categorically condemns the barbaric execution of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. The execution was organized by the US in the manner of a lynch mob after a year-and-a-half show trial and timed to occur on the Muslim Holy Day of Eid al-Adha in violation of Islamic custom. This shows that both the verdict and the sentence have nothing to do with the rule of law and the Iraqi people's right to sovereignty. This criminalization of politics using assassination of political opponents as a preferred weapon is unacceptable.

As in the case of Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic, it did not matter what Mr Hussein and his co-defendants did or did not do, they were to be found guilty and killed for refusing to carry out the American program for Iraq and the Middle East and to espouse American "values". To this end, eight members of their legal defence team were also assassinated. Not only is the flawed trial and its brazen politicization unacceptable, but the fact that the slaughter of President Hussein was carried out as a primitive blood sacrifice to honour Washington and its brutal dictate was not even concealed.

Resorting to criminalizing politics by assassination and revenge is one of the main ways of debasing the standards of humanity and subverting the achievements of the peoples of the world. Once legalized assassinations are presented by the big powers and their media as "justice" and a norm, nobody is safe.

Hence, the US is not only carrying out its gangster politics of state terrorism against Iraq in the name of the rule of law and sovereignty but Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay is going along. His office issued a one-line statement on 30 December that "Canada joins other nations in supporting the desire of Iraq's leaders and citizens for a peaceful and prosperous future."

This shows that it is not only the US and Britain which have no intention of recognizing the rule of law and the sovereign rights of the people of Iraq, but that all the other acolytes such as Canada are responsible for advocating the use of force and violence to resolve conflict, to plunder, and for the death and destruction that will come to pass.

It is unacceptable that the prime minister of Canada and all other ministers and the leaders of the "anti-war", "opposition" parties remain silent in the face of what the United States and its puppets in Iraq are doing. It is unacceptable that the Canadian media ghoulishly participated in the lynch mob depiction of the execution of Mr Hussein. The fundamental premise of a rule of law enshrined in international convention is that the authorities in power cannot and must not make themselves judge, jury and executioner.

In 2002 and 2003 the vast majority of Canadians from the Atlantic to the Pacific rejected joining the United States and the use of armed force to intervene in, invade, occupy, and rule Iraq. As a people, we do not share the US outlook that justifies such armed intervention on the grounds of some necessity to "stop them over there" so we won't have to fight "them" here.

What is fuelling the internal conflicts of Iraq as well as of Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and making their peaceful resolution so intractable is precisely such neo-colonial intervention. The Canadian people support the just resolution of internal conflicts in such countries and the right-to-be of all peoples. This just resolution is possible on the basis of the political programs and proposals provided by the people of these countries to solve the problems facing them and their societies, and on that basis alone. Any other basis - imposed from outside or otherwise lacking any authentic domestic basis of support in that country, in the name of "peace-keeping", "reconstruction", "humanitarian intervention", "democracy", "rights" or even "nation building" - will fail to solve the internal problems they face. That people, along with the rest of the world, will remain plagued with the problem indefinitely.

While the big media has worked overtime to present this Ku Klux Klan-style lynching in an acceptable light by portraying Mr Hussein and his co-defendants as "deserving" of such a barbaric end, the same unacceptable politics are being put in place internally within Canada in the form that all agencies of the state - not just the "security" forces and not just against immigrants - can act with impunity. Individual political champs of vested interests are granted impunity for violating the law. Meanwhile, state agencies and the giant monopolies are given all rights for super-exploitation of the labour and land of the people of Canada, and to prosecute illegal and unjust wars and nation wrecking abroad.

It must not pass. All those responsible for criminal acts or for involving Canada in crimes against the peace must be held to account. It is untenable to accept a rule of law which is in contempt of the very notion of rule of law. The criminalization of resistance or of political beliefs and conscience for refusing to espouse "American values" or "Canadian values" is unacceptable under any conditions and circumstances. There can be no exceptions.

Far from being indifferent, complacent, or sitting on our couch, we Canadians must mount an effective, organized and independent political opposition and establish an anti-war government which truly reflects our conscience and interests.

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