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Short list of sordid activities of the "new government"

- Intensifies the aggressive war and occupation of Afghanistan; encourages Canada's military leader to speak like a gangster; sends more troops and military equipment including tanks into the war zone; mass media begin an extensive campaign to promote war and violence as the solution to international problems; announcing a succession of budget increases for the military to cover the aggressive war in Afghanistan and preparations for even bigger wars; more military spending draining added-value from the socialized economy greatly weakening it;

- Direct police and other interference in the affairs of Haiti following its illegal occupation after participating with the U.S. and France in overthrowing the legitimate government of President Aristide; includes condoning the continuous killing of civilians and protestors by UN troops; sends Elections Canada officials to organize Haiti's election under foreign occupation; refuses to support the return of President Aristide; criminalizing membership in Lavalas;

- Contemptible support and encouragement of the U.S./Israeli summer aggression and invasion of Lebanon; Harper comments that the Israeli massacres of Lebanese civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure and homes are "moderate"; follows President Bush in refusing to push for an immediate ceasefire;

- Open support of the destruction of Palestine and genocide of the Palestinians by the failed Anglo-U.S./Israeli colonial project; the "New Government" is the first to announce the suspension of aid to the Palestinians after they select Hamas as their national leadership;

- Racial profiling of Canadians of the Muslim faith (hysterical mass arrests of Muslims in Toronto by the political police); continues practice of indefinite detentions and seeking justifications for rendition to torture;

- The "New Government" of Canada again disgraced itself internationally with a very public and loud abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change; allies itself with the totally irresponsible position of the U.S. imperialists and the energy monopolies and brings forward a nonsensical confused document promising something would be done by 2050;

- "Tough on crime" speeches and bills; refuses to do its duty to change the social conditions from which crime originates;

- Budget cuts, especially to women's needs, Native First Nations and cultural institutions; refusal to honour the Kelowna Accord with First Nations; all this deepens the anti-social offensive;

- On path to destroy the Canadian Wheat Board; the gag order against CWB employees who support the public monopoly; fires a government appointed member of the CWB Board who supports the public monopoly and in its biggest attack fired the CWB president;

- Strengthens the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America in secret negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico, giving institutional strength to a United States of North American Monopolies; top secret meeting in Banff with high level U.S. military officials such as Donald Rumsfeld to plan further integration of the Canadian military within the U.S. aggressive armed forces;

- Turns a blind eye to the continuing foreign mergers and acquisitions/takeovers that are sweeping Canada's industries (nickel, copper, forest products, oil, steel etc.), allowing the concentration of capital and foreign monopoly takeover of Canada's basic raw material and industrial production; most notable in this regard is the energy security agreement that guarantees U.S. control of Canada's oil and natural gas production;

- Refuses to honour the treaties with First Nations and uphold their land reclamations; government refuses to recognize the justness and legitimacy of the Six Nations land reclamation at Caledonia;

- Uses administrative accountability (Federal Accountability Act) to deflect attention away from the endemic corruption within the monopoly capitalist economic and political system, which results in big scores by groups and individual monopoly capitalists that suck hundreds of millions of dollars of added-value from the socialized economy into the hands of the rich strengthening the regressive trend of the rich getting richer and poor poorer;

- Reneges on statements made before and during the election campaign of which the most glaring is the about-face on the taxation of Income Trust Funds;

- Refuses to condemn the interference of the RCMP in the election campaign when the RCMP publicly announced the start of an official investigation into the Liberal finance department's handling of internal information on taxing or not taxing Income Trusts;

- Refuses to meet its social responsibilities and assist the workers, their communities and hard-hit socialized economy in various sectors most notably many forestry communities, and hog producing and garment industry communities in Quebec;

- Signs the softwood lumber sell-out agreement with the United States; almost everybody in Canada, except certain forestry monopolies and the government denounced the softwood agreement as a sellout and a dereliction of duty on the part of the government;

- Uses a diversionary motion on the Quebec national question not to solve the issue but as a smokescreen to push through its program to give all power to certain monopolies and reduce spending on social programs; increase direct monopoly financing and management of all municipal, provincial and federal public projects (P3s and other methods); further decrease corporate compared to individual taxation; and, reduce regulations that govern the operations of monopolies and international finance capital within Canada giving certain monopolies a free hand to exploit the country's human and natural resources without social and natural considerations;

- Refuses to deal seriously with the economic crisis within Canada's industrial sector, especially the crisis in forestry and hog production and the growing problems in manufacturing and auto production and the major bankruptcies in the steel industry in particular Stelco in Hamilton; the government took a very cavalier attitude towards the Stelco bankruptcy and refused even to discuss the very serious proposals to resolve the fraudulent Stelco bankruptcy presented by Rolf Gerstenberger President of Stelco USW Local 1005; the government allowed a secret agenda to unfold that collapsed the existing equity ownership and gave the largest steel company in Canada to Canadian and U.S. monopoly capitalist speculators who made a big score and resolved none of the existing problems of the sector.

- Undermining of the public monopoly over healthcare delivery.

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TML Daily, January 1, 2007 - No. 1

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