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    December 2006


(7 Dec) Its a sign one fleetingly passes on the Trans-Canada Highway to and from the city of Sydney without ever really knowing where it is, or its story ... Today it is becoming synonymous with coal. IAN GOMERLY

(17 Nov) Maine historically has been hostile to the Franco Americans who populate its communities from the northern tip of the St. John Valley through Lewiston and Biddeford in the south.

(12 Oct) Military and civilian officials responded to a mock disaster aboard a visiting nuclear submarine in Halifax. CHRIS LAMBIE


From: Hanna Kawas, a Bethlehemite and a descendant of the First Christians

(27 Nov) Previewing a three-part documentary on the all-too-true story of serious American plans to wage war against Canada, Mexico and Great Britain in the years before World War II. CHRIS FLOYD

In 1934, War Plan Red was amended to authorize the immediate first use of poison gas against Canadians and to use strategic bombing to destroy Halifax if it could not be captured.

Between the First and Second World Wars, the US developed and approved as official national policy three major war plans: a War Plan ORANGE against Japan; a War Plan GREEN against Mexico, and a War Plan RED against the UK and Canada. FLOYD RUDMIN


Double standards of the nuclear club

(23 Dec) The Bush administration is spending more funds -- in violation of U.S. Code and international law -- to develop illegal, offensive germ warfare than the $2 billion spent during World War II on the Manhattan Project to make the atomic bomb.

For your information: Statement on the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear Issue of the 14th Summit Conference of Heads Of State or Governments of the Non-Aligned Movement, Havana, Cuba, 11th to 16th of September, 2006

The cargo ship set sail from Antwerp, Belgium, bound for Genoa, Italy. She was hauling uranium which Asmara Chemie, a West German chemical company, had consigned to SAICA, an Italian paint company, for commercial processing. She never arrived. ERIC MCLEOD

(23 Dec) Minister quits the Executive after voting against Labour on Blair's plan to replace Trident submarines with a new fleet of nuclear vessels.

From our Archives
Part One of a ten-part series. The Shadow of the Bomb. War games for children in major U.S. cities, 1950 - ALBERT E KAHN, The Game of Death.

The biggest motivator driving many of those camped out in downtown isn't Iran or Syria, or Sunni versus Shiite. It's the economic inequality that has haunted Lebanese Shiites for decades. It's a poor and working-class people's revolt. MOHAMAD BAZZI

Remember what George Bush said in 2002, just prior to destroying Iraq? Commentary by WAHIDA VALIANTE

(21 Dec) Secret meeting between Israel's Ehud Olmert, Lebanon's Fuad Siniora, the political advisor to the Egyptian president, and the head of Saudi national security, Prince Bandar, in the residence of the Egyptian president.

'War on terror' and the degradation of humanity
In the fight against cruelty, barbarism and extremism, America has embraced the very evils it claims to confront. GEORGE MONBIOT

IN Guantánamo, iguanas have more rights than the detainees in the gulag of our time ... Among the prayers in Arabic, one detainee manages to shout out in precarious English on noticing my presence: "They are lying to you!" YOLANDA MONGE

Outside the rule of law: how the use of psychological torture, pseudo gangs and "counter terrorism" have been internationalized, shaped in design and application by the secret services of imperialist states over a long period of time as part of "divide and rule" strategies. An essay by STAN WINER

(3 Dec) When 12 bodies were found buried in the garden of a Mexican house, it seemed like a case of drug-linked killings. But the trail led to Washington and a cover-up that went right to the top. DAVID ROSE

(5 Dec) Letter of three human rights organisations in response to HRW position against Palestinian civilians exercising their right of peaceful, unarmed resistance against the illegal demolition of their homes by Israeli occupation forces.

(5 Dec) Yawning gap remains between assets of rich and poor, report says.

(30 Nov) A COALITION of U.S. peace groups are pressing ahead with plans for what they hope will be a massive march on Washington Jan. 27, even though newly released documents show the antiwar community is under Pentagon surveillance.

(26 Nov) Would the world's largest science teacher's organization ignore climate change education? (Why did the NSTA say no to free "An Inconvenient Truth" DVDs?) JOHN F. BOROWSKI

U.S. foreign policy is in tatters and Canada's along with it
Five years following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Canada's participation in it, U.S. foreign policy is in tatters and Canada's along with it. TML Daily Editorial
Riga Security Conference, organized by the George Marshall Fund's Transatlantic Center, "is intent upon building a consensus within Europe regarding America's military agenda in the broader Middle East." MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY
NATO's difficulties and future prospects. M.K. BHADRAKUMAR
US "spends billions to tear down the lives of poor Afghans even as NATO allies pray for a break in battling the Taliban so that -- with time running out -- they can rebuild." ANN JONES
A news story neglected by the triumphalist national media By AHAMED RASHID


(15 Dec)Statement by Ambassador Ileana Núñez Mordoche, Chargé d' Affaires A.I. of the Permanent Mission of Cuba, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement

(13 Dec) Statement by Ms. Ileana Nuñez Mordoche, Chargé d'Affaires, A.I. of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the UN, in her capacity as Acting Chairperson of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement.

(11 Dec) Statement by Ambassador Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz, Permanent Representative of Cuba, in his capacity as Chairman of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement

(1 Dec) Canada votes with U.S. on three resolutions, abstains on two.

(30 Nov) Two-day debate concludes on question of Palestine, Middle East situation.

(29 Nov) Statement by Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cuba, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement

(23 Nov) 122 nations vote in favor of a draft resolution presented by Cuba in the name of the Non-Aligned Movement, which demands that those extra-territorial measures be revoked "as soon as possible."


Forthcoming workshop on restoring Maritime salt marshes: Lessons learned and moving forward


(18 Dec) Document that Woman Title Holder, Katenies, served on the Cornwall, ON court regarding illegal invasion, trespass, occupation and assumption of authority and jurisdiction.

Dr Zayid Writes a Letter

(Dec 24) On the Christmas eve Dr. Zayid writes To: Cc: ; ; Alexa McDonough, MP ; ; Dion, Stephane ;

(3 Dec) I was in the process of writing to congratulate you on your election as the leader of the Liberal Party.

Harper calls Hamas 'genocidal'


(26 Nov) The Canadian soldiers and their porn, out there "hunting" for brown-haired, brown-skinned, brown-eyed Afghans is a very disturbing and revolting example of racism, sexism and pro-US, pro-war propaganda. ENA BOUTLIER


Who would come to this place? What do they do here for work? No one and nothing important, answers McNair, who lovingly calls his sleepy village "Eyeblink, Maine," a community on the way to some place else. BOB KEYES

In all my travels I have never found myself to be more at a loss for words to describe the fabulous sights I witnessed while slowly travelling through the sound. MIKE WAMBOLDT


Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary 1950-2006

A Reflection by TONY SEED


Vice president Jack Warner's son Daryan illegally resold World Cup tickets, says FIFA. Warner himself escapes sanctions because there is no evidence proving Warner knew about it. Had the case been tried under the new Code of Ethics, however, Warner may not have able to get away with only a telling-off. KIRSTEN SPARRE

(4 Dec) "HIZBULLAH ... HIZBULLAH" is the favorite boo of European soccer fans when their team play Israel's at EU football championships, provoking the players and reminding them of the army's defeat at the hands of the Lebanese resistance movement this summer.

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