Israeli wall condemned by Non-Aligned Movement

UNITED NATIONS (15 December 2006) - THE WALL, being built by Israel to isolate Palestine, received sharp criticism on Friday at the United Nations General Assembly from the 118-nation Non-Aligned Movement, which calls for the immediate dismantlement of the barrier.

Cuban Ambassador Ileana Nunez, speaking on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, told a United Nations special session on Palestine that Israel must be banned from continuing construction of the illegal wall.

Despite international uproar, Tel Aviv continues erecting the wall in occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, noted Nunez.

Nunez said Israel has already erected 209 miles of wall, which represents 42 per cent of the project. Another 63 miles remain under construction. The Non-Aligned Movement called for sanctions against companies participating in building the wall.

Over two million Palestinians living to the east of wall will be separated from East Jerusalem and another 230,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem will be isolated from the rest of the West Bank.

Nunez said the Non-Aligned Movement, headed by Cuba since its 14th summit this past September, maintains that if the wall isn't stopped it will be impossible to reach a solution to the conflict between the two states.

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