Non Aligned Movement says reform the United Nations

UNITED NATIONS (12 December 2006) - THE Non Aligned Countries Movement concur on the need to reform the Security Council and regretted the lack of agreement on the subject after 18 months of consultations and discussions. It is defending the need for balance among the functions and powers of the main UN organs, with cooperation and coordination among them indispensable, and rejected interference by the Security Council in the functions of other entities.

Cuban Ambassador Rodrigo Malmierca, as president of the Coordination Bureau of the Non Aligned Movement in the UN, spoke on behalf of the Movement. It was the first time that this group of 118 countries participated in this debate at the UN General Assembly on Monday.

Malmierca said that NAM favours an extended, clear and balanced analyzes on a series of aspects.

The Security Council is in charge of crucial subjects relating to peace and international security and is formed by 15 members, five of which are permanent and have the right to veto. These are the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and China. The other 10 members represent geographic regions and have a two year mandate.

Malmierca stressed that clearness, truthfulness and coherence are basic elements that the Security Council must respect. Assuring that the Council's agenda reflects the needs and interests of the developing and developed nations in an objective, rational, nonselective and non-arbitrary way is one of them.

Discussions on reforming the Council have continued to demonstrate great differences, such as inclusion of new permanent members and if they should or should not have the right to veto. In that context, the concept of voluntary self-control is insufficient and cannot be considered a choice, the Cuban diplomat asserted.

To date the General Assembly has not reached any conclusion over the number of permanent and non permanent members in the Security Council. Expansion of the Council favours creation of a more democratic, representative, responsible and efficient organ assuring that its regulations, provisional for more than 50 years, becomes official and thus transparent.

On additional options, Malmierca listed restriction of the exercise of the right of veto and the possibility to annul it through the affirmative vote of a determined number of member states in accordance with the number of members of an extended Council.

Malmierca expressed NAM's grave concern that the Security Council has not taken up situations of genocide, crimes against humanity, war or cease-fire, as is its first responsibility.

Further, he asked in the name of the Movement that the Security Council consider seriously the recommendations of the Assembly about questions relative to peace and international security.

Cuban ambassador Malmierca stressed that clearness, truthfulness and coherence are basic elements that the Security Council must respect.

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