UN rejects coercive measures against human rights violations

UNITED NATIONS (23 November 2006) PL - THE UN General Assembly this Tuesday, November 21 rejected the use of coercive measures as a tool for political or economic pressure against any nation for impeding the complete fulfillment of its citizens' human rights.

Throughout an exhausting day at the 3rd Commission of the General Assembly, 122 nations voted in favor of a draft resolution presented by Cuba in the name of the Non-Aligned Movement, which demands that those measures be revoked "as soon as possible."

The resolution was opposed by 53 countries, led by the United States, which for more than 40 years has maintained an economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island nation as a unilateral coercive measure to try to crush its revolutionary system.

The resolution expresses the concern of the General Assembly regarding the extraterritorial effects of those measures, because they create new obstacles to the full enjoyment of all human rights by the peoples of other countries.

In that sense, it urges all nations to abstain from adopting or implementing unilateral coercive measures that impede the full enjoyment of all people to the right to food, medical attention and necessary social services.

Diplomatic officials who participated in those discussions noted that the resolution contains an appeal to all nations to ensure that food and medicine "are not used as a tool for political pressure."

Another resolution presented on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement calling for cooperation in human rights was also passed in the 3rd Commission, which attends to social, humanitarian and cultural matters.

That resolution, passed by consensus, calls on all nations to cooperate in the area of human rights via dialogue and without the obstacles of selectivity, double standards and politicized approaches.

There was not enough time to begin discussions on a third resolution that was also presented by the Non-Aligned Movement on the right to development.

According to diplomatic sources consulted, that motion will be considered by the 3rd Commission of the General Assembly next Tuesday.

Prensa Latina

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