American army officers supervising IOF massacres in Gaza

Editor's note (15 November 2006): Is it so insignificant that U.S. army commanders have been acknowledged to be leading the Israeli military "Operation Autumn Clouds" and its slaughter of the Palestinian people that it is not even reported in North America? This is a compelling sign that the public is being kept in the dark about the real nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the leading role of the United States.

After Israel lost the war in southern Lebanon, the U.S.A sent military detachments to Israel. The Israeli military radio, "Tsahal Radio" announced this news, reporting that the American detachment of officers had arrived in Israel to take part in the "Autumn Clouds" operation in Gaza, that they helped the Israeli military to perform their "killing duties" without any loss. American officers were involved in the last Beit Hanoun massacre in which in just one incident 20 Palestinians were killed, and at least 60 innocent children, old men and women were injured.

Hitherto, the last time any U.S. military presence in the occupied Palestinian territories was even hinted, let alone acknowledged, was in the spring of 2002, during "Operation Defensive Shield" led by Gen. Ariel Sharon against the people of Jenin and surrounding cities and districts of the West Bank. It was asserted that there were U.S. observers who could affirm that the occupier had committed no "massacres" at Jenin. The news item disclosing the recent U.S. takeover of command of "Autumn Clouds" mentions the "concern" about Israel's failure to prevail over Hizbollah's rocket attacks during the war in Lebanon this past summer. The report originated in the Hebrew-language media and a palestinna solidarity group in the UK translated and digested the main content as follows:

NAZARETH (5 November 2006) - AMERICAN army officers are supervising the IOF troops' military operations in the Gaza Strip codenamed "Autumn Clouds" that started last Wednesday and are still in force claiming the lives of more than 50 Palestinians so far, according to Hebrew media reports.

The reports, quoting Israeli political sources, followed the USA's refusal to condemn the IOF bloody incursion and held the Palestinians responsible for the invasion.

The Hebrew media quoted the "senior officials" as saying that the American officers were laying down strategic and field plans for the IOF command and means of executing them in the Gaza Strip in a way avoiding any casualties in IOF lines.

The sources said that IOF command had asked Washington to send those officers to oversee IOF plans to invade the Strip, attributing the request for those officers to the IOF failure in its war on Lebanon and sustaining heavy casualties.

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