Highly successful debates on US blockade of Cuba

HAVANA (2 November 2006) ACN - CUBAN Foreign Affair Minister Felipe Pérez Roque termed as excellent the massive debates held across the island about the US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba for over 45 years.

In statements to the press at the closing ceremony of the event, Mr. Perez Roque pointed out that some 200,000 Cuban citizens participated in those debates and that the number of conferences increased this year thanks to the incorporation of more than 500 university students as speakers.

The Cuban Minister said this open dialogue with the people aims to talk about the negative effects of the blockade for the development of the island and to discuss the Bush Plan, which seeks to undermine the achievements of the Revolution.

As part of the more than 30 meetings carried out in the western province of Pinar del Rio on Wednesday, Mr. Perez Roque visited La Coloma, a fishing town, where he confirmed the optimism and the political culture of the people in that region.

Finally, the Cuban diplomat expressed his confidence in Cuba's victory on November 8 at the United Nation's General Assembly where a resolution against the blockade will be once more presented.

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