Iran against punishment before crime

TEHERAN (9 November 2006) - IRAN's main negotiator for nuclear issues, Ali Lariyani, said Friday the approval of the UN draft resolution to apply sanctions against his country has a psychological effect.

Referring to the future measures, he highlighted they will not influence on Iran's current situation, because the country "has been already sanctioned regarding nuclear information."

In statements to local TV the also secretary of the National Security Council called illogical the accusations by the US and some western countries that Iran will deviate its peaceful nuclear program toward military operations.

"They want to punish before the crime is committed," he stressed.

The Iranian reply to the incentives proposed by the UN Security Council plus Germany was rational, and the country has not received any answer due to Washington's pressures, the official noted.

That corroborates the lack of commitments of the 5+1 in the negotiations, Lariyani stated, warning Iran will react in accords with any decision the West might take against it.

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