Human rights again on UN table

UNITED NATIONS (10 November 2006) Prensa Latina - WITH the presentation of twenty resolution projects strongly condemning trade in women and girls as well as the use of coercive measures and mercenaries, the UN General Assembly started debates on human rights on Friday.

The analysis was sparked by a report presented by Mexican Luis Alfonso de Alba, president of the new Human Rights Council, approved by the UN General Assembly in June to replace the Human Rights Commission.

The disappearance of that UN organism was attributed to its lack of credibility, lost by politically motivated decisions, support for double-standards and manipulation by the rich nations against Third World countries.

In his speech, Rodolfo Reyes, director of the Cuban Foreign Relations Ministry, stated that his country would not allow the new council to make the same mistakes that discredited the prior organization.

The resolution on trade in girls and women recommends adopting a more forceful approach in the measures for the protection of that vulnerable sector of the population.

The documents calls on governments to stipulate trade in people, in all its variants, as a crime, especially considering its growing frequency with sexual exploitation and tourism aims.

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