UN: Non-aligned countries calls for actions against Israel

UNITED NATIONS (17 November 2006) PL - THE Non-aligned Countries Movement (NAM) stated Friday it hopes the UN General Assembly makes immediate recommendations to stop Israeli aggressions against Palestine and care for the suffering of that people.

The NAM viewpoint was expressed by Cuban ambassador and President of the Coordination Bureau, Rodrigo Malmierca, during the General Assembly's tenth extraordinary period of emergency sessions, summoned by the NAM and the Arab League.

The diplomat recalled in the plenary session that on Saturday, the Security Council was unable to pass a resolution presented by Qatar due to the US veto.

The NAM considered it a duty to convene the meeting "due to the Security Council's passive reaction after the abuse of the right to veto and the inability to fulfill its responsibilities," he sustained.

The president of the NAM Coordination Bureau reiterated the Movement's profound concern over the continuous deterioration of the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory.

That deterioration is the result of Israel's disproportionate, discriminate use of force, which has left considerable losses of civilian Palestinian lives.

The group calls upon the international community, including the Quartet, to adopt immediate actions to stabilize the situation and restart the peace process, and create an international mechanism to protect civilians, Malmierca noted.

The request to convene the General Assembly to discuss that issue was approved by the NAM Coordination Bureau during a meeting held on Wednesday, according to one of the diplomats, who requested anonymity given that was an agreement reached in private, Prensa Latina reported.

The meeting requested by the NAM could be convened for tomorrow (Nov. 17) by the president of the 61st ordinary session period of the General Assembly, Bahrain Ambassador Sheika Haya Rashed Al Kalifa.

During this session, a presentation is expected from Cuba in its status as president of the Non-aligned Movement, to establish the positions of this bloc with respect to the present situation of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian issue was extensively discussed during the 14th NAM Summit held last September in Havana, where "the continuous imposition by Israel of collective punishment against the Palestinian people" was condemned.

Prensa Latina and agencies

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