CIC 2006 Award for Lifelong Community Service Award - Dr Ismail Zayid, Halifax

A Note of Thanks

Dear Brothers and Sisters and Friends,

Assalamu Alaikum.

In this brief note, I wish first to apologize for missing this great function. I had to be in Amman, Jordan, to be with members of my family, who have been scattered across the globe since the Zionist destruction of our village, Beit Nuba, in June 1967. We are to be gathered to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, in Amman.

Above all, I wish to thank the Canadian Islamic Congress and express my acceptance with all humility this very generous and highly esteemed award, that you were gracious to honour me with.

Dr Ismail Zayid addresses the Halifax International Symposium on Media & Disinformation in July, 2004
Our great faith, Islam, and our Muslim Community and the Palestinian people have been subjected to a crusade of hate and lies propagated by the imperial and Zionist hierarchy. I have lived our struggle at home, where I saw our Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and our First Al-Qibla, Al-Aqsa Mosque occupied and molested by alien occupiers. I have lived for years in England and Canada and experienced the political and media campaign of hate and bias against us. With all modesty, I wish to state that I saw it as my humble duty to make my modest effort to fight this onslaught of hatred and malice. I took it upon myself to speak out at academic centres and to political establishments and media, taking a stand to tell the facts and the truth as they are.

This, my friends, I believe is the call upon all of us to stand and maintain our struggle to defend and guard our land, people and faith.

Let us stand together and continue the struggle and thus justice will prevail and we shall overcome.

Wassalamu Alaikum.

*Dr Ismail Zayid of Halifax, NS is founding president of the Canada Palestine Association. He may be reached at

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