NATO planes massacre Afghan civilians

KABUL (26 October 2006) -AT LEAST 63 civilians died in an aerial bomb attack by NATO forces in the south of Afghanistan, according to the Provincial Council of Kandahar and witnesses speaking to EFE. The event was later confirmed by the military command of the European forces supporting the aggression by the United States.

According to Nic Mohammed, a member of the Provincial Council, the bombs were dropped on an area providing refuge to hundreds of Afghanis in Kandahar who had lost their homes in previous bombings by the occupying forces.

"We picked up 61 bodies that night and another two people died in hospital," affirmed Mohammed, who expressed "strong condemnation for this attack by NATO" and assured that proof of the event would be forthcoming. This is the largest number of civilians murdered in a single attack by NATO troops. The European military command acknowledged the deaths of an indeterminate number of civilians in various operations in the south and said it felt profoundly sorry about the deaths. The Atlantic alliance had indicated yesterday in a statement that 48 Taliban militants had died during bombardments in the south but, according to Mohammed, not one perished.


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