(photographers clockwise from top left: Ala' (14), Hadil (15), Do'a (11), Safaa (12), Tahreer (15), Sabreen (17), Taha (16), Fadi (18), Mohammad (15))

Outside the West Bank City of Nablus lies the Balata Refugee Camp. Home to over 22,000 residents living on less than one sq. kilometer, Balata is the most highly and densely populated Refugee Camp in the West Bank. In recent years Balata has seen hundreds of deaths and arrests, dozens of home demolitions and the camp is subject to near nightly invasions by the Israeli Army.

It is here the ''Picture Balata'' workshop was started to teach youth from the camp about photography. ''Picture Balata'' puts the camera into the hands of the children born and raised inside the decades-long Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Participants ranging from ages 11 to 18 photograph their situation as they see it in Balata Refugee Camp.

Picture Balata needs your support. Participants have already proven their desire to learn photography as a means to express their situation to the world, spending countless hours taking photos and reviewing each other's work while sharing only one camera between them.

100% of all donations will go directly to the children to help them purchase cameras, computers and other equipment necessary to continue taking photographs and uploading them to the web.

If you are able to make a contribution or would like to find out more, please contact us at: picturebalata@gmail.com

The website picturebalata.net featuring galleries of each photographers' work, will be up and running by October 2006.

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