Two Nova Scotians are amongst 14 Canadians to receive awards today in six categories of excellence from the Canadian Islamic Congress. The awards to Dr Ismail Zayid, president of the Canada Palestine Association, and Tony Seed, editor/publisher of shunpiking magazine, will be presented at CIC's annual Ottawa Gala Dinner. Previous winners of the prestigious media award of excleence include columnist Thomas Walkom and Haroon Siddiqui, editorial page director of the Toronto Star and Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Rick Salutin. Invited guests at the Monday, October 30 event will include politicians, senior government officials, members of both the Senate and House of Commons, Ambassadors of Muslim countries to Canada, Muslim delegates, as well as professionals and business leaders from across Canada.

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1. The Canadian Islamic Congress 2006 Media Award -- to honour a Canadian journalist for promoting fairness and balance. Winner is Tony Seed of Halifax, the publisher/editor of Shunpiking Magazine .

2. The Canadian Islamic Congress 2006 Community Media Award -- to honour a Canadian journalist for outstanding professional service to the Muslim community. Five winners were selected: Feyoun Khan, with Al-Ameen newspaper, Vancouver; Hussein Hoballah and Tarek Nasser, both of Sada Al Masheric newspaper, Montreal; and Laith Alhamdany and Ziyad Ali, both of Al-Bilad newspaper, London (Ont.).

3. The Canadian Islamic Congress 2006 Lifelong Community Service Award -- to recognize dedicated lifelong service to the Canadian Muslim community. Four winners were selected: Abdul Salam Elmenyawi and Dr. Bashar El Solh, both of Montreal; Aziz Khaki of Vancouver; and Dr. Ismail Zayid of Halifax.

4. The Canadian Islamic Congress 2006 Youth Community Service Award -- To honour a young adult (less than 30 years old) who has given exceptional service to the Canadian Muslim community. Winner is Afnan Al-Hashimi, 15, a Grade 10 student from Toronto.

5. The Canadian Islamic Congress 2006 User-Friendly Mosque Award -- To recognize a Canadian mosque / masjid for its user-friendly architectural design, welcoming attitude, and inclusive intergenerational programs, especially those focused on women, children and youth. Won by: The London Mosque, and to the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, also in London.

6. The Canadian Islamic Congress 2006 Islamic Arts and Literature Award -- to recognize a Canadian work of art or literature including, but not limited to: books, paintings, song, music, film... etc. Won by Zeba Hashmi of Winnipeg for her work in film.

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