Learn about the Zionist Junta and act on Lebanon and Gaza

Who is violating international law?

HALIFAX (15 July 2006) - SHEBA'A FARMS is Lebanese territory illegally occupied by the State of Israel since the June 1967 war. The Zionist occupation has no standing under international law. On the other hand, under the Fourth Geneva Convention, the people of Lebanon have the right to fight for the liberation/restoration of the territory of Sheba'a Farms to their country.

So, not only are the positions of occupier and occupied not equal under international law. The position of the occupier is that of a party acting outside the law, a party moreover whom all other members of the community of nations that recognise and uphold international law are neither to reward nor otherwise encourage nor incite to persist in operating outside the Rule of Law. Furthermore, all other members of the community of nations that recognise and uphold international law are neither to criminalise nor otherwise stigmatise resistance to occupation by those whose territory is occupied.

None of this seems to matter to some people, however. There are those who stop at nothing to present matters either this way:

"military resistance to an illegal military occupation by people whose territory is under illegal military occupation by a foreign power is violence that reduces the oppressed to the level of the oppressor";

or this way:

"there are the long-suffering civilian populations of the occupier's home territory and the territory they illegally occupy, and there are the 'extremists' from 'both sides' who engage in armed struggle allegedly equally without regard to civilian casualties."

In the absence of any truce-making or peacemaking agreement otherwise, the armed forces within the occupying power's home territory, which maintain that condition of occupation, are not off-limits to such resistance. The Lebanese people have this right of resistance under international law regardless of whether Hezbollah initiates a military action against the State of Israel, or responds to an attack on Lebanese territory initiated by the armed forces of the State of Israel.


On this point, a "Jewish Voice for Peace" newsletter of Sunday, 16 July 2006 (http://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org) sounds exactly like George Bush. To just what sort of peace are these individuals giving voice?

They write: "Hizbullah's attack on an IDF post within Israel's borders was a clear violation of international law... Hizbullah does not have the excuse of living under Israeli occupation, as the Palestinians do..."

According to the general logic of "living under...occupation" put forward here, anyone compelled to emigrate as the result of an illegal foreign military occupation, or living for any other reason outside whatever part of their home country is being occupied, loses any and all rights to resist that occupation. By the specific logic of "the excuse of living under Israeli occupation", the millions of Palestinians in the Shata'at -- be it in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, or in Europe, Oceania or the Americas --- who labour and struggle for the liberation of their homeland, are to be discounted and written off. And what can excuse this disdainful and contemptuous use of the word "excuse", with its grudging concession that the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza -- but no others -- might just perhaps have something of a claim against the occupier!? What about the "1948 Arabs"?! Such an attack on the Palestinians' right of return is a voice for the "peace" of the grave.

This is very convenient logic for occupiers planning to complete the act of theft. If this is the voice of "peace" from the "Zionist left", can there be the slightest doubt about the intentions of the State of Israel? Olmert & Co. hope to exploit the present chaos and the inevitable "negotiation" that must follow in order to move further towards "convergence", i.e., annexing more of the territories it has occupied -- especially the extensive settlement blocks in East Jerusalem -- not returning them.

The "Jewish Voice for Peace" expresses a concern about the manifestly unjust disproportion in the response of the armed forces of the State of Israel to Hezbollah's raid. But is the actual, underlying concern about justice, or only how much more these latest events will raise the cost of remaining ensconced on stolen Arab land? If it is indeed to this end that they are suing for peace and some negotiation, they should wake up and smell the coffee.
The State of Israel only deigns to negotiate under either of two conditions

The State of Israel only deigns to negotiate under either of two conditions: when it has a negotiating "partner" whose hands are free to sell out his own people, or when it is losing ground. The first option has been blocked by the will of the Palestinian people in their election of Hamas to office on January 25th last. After Olmert & Co fail to produce a decisive military victory, they will be seen by Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese and the whole world as having lost ground. Then they will proceed to negotiate, most likely with the Bush Administration, from the standpoint of stealing by "diplomacy" whatever their F-16s failed to accomplish by smash and grab, with the U.S. President praising Olmert's "wisdom" and "restraint." Honest voices for peace among the Israeli public should be preparing to expose this. No Palestinian can afford the slightest illusion about these further burdens that Washington and Tel Aviv will be attempting to shift onto them after Lebanon survives the Zionist military effort to make it implode and Damascus refuses to disappear.

Regardless of the proclaimed intentions of the State of Israel since its founding or the horrors of the European Judeocide preceding its founding, the State of Israel was created out of the Nakba of 1947-48 as a racist, so-called "Jewish" state that continues to justify official apartheid-like discrimination against Palestinians in all areas of civil society on the basis of a Jewish preference. It justifies the fascist activities of its military caste in the name of "security" for this "Jewish" state. The State of Israel is *not* some "western democracy" with a few bad apples. That is a "Made in USA" illusion. Back in the 1930s, behind signboards of a so-called "republic," there was a Nicaraguan General, Anastasio Somoza, whom US President Franklin D Roosevelt acknowledged was "a son-of-a-bitch, but he's *our* son-of-a-bitch". Somoza set up his military junta --- complete with death squads that slaughtered the peasantry in the tens of thousands to steal their land for U.S. agribusiness. Today the Zionist military junta that inherited General "Anastasio" Ben-Gurion's genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, instructed equally from Washington, runs the show in Tel Aviv behind western-democratic-looking signboards and structures --- complete with settlers stealing whatever remains of Palestinians' land in order to drive them out. Those interested in peace with justice should indeed learn about the Zionist Junta and act on Lebanon and Gaza by escalating efforts to further rip and shred these masks and expose the true face of this oppressor.

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