Shunpiking, Volume 10, Number 48, 2006

Our most recent edition of shunpiking magazine hit the stands on 25 May 2006. It features the 7th annual MacTalla Gaelic Supplement as well as our 7th annual Black History Supplement. If you can't find a copy, please call 902.444.4922 or just drop by to 6211 North Street (at Windsor) in Halifax and pick one up. Or, better yet, take out a subscription and guarantee your copy by going to Boutique on this website.

Social Environment Nova Scotia commemorates Injured Workers Day Province House ceremony by Sam MacLean

- The call centre - Max Michaud, Communications Energy and Paperworkers, Vice-president, Atlantic region

Legacies: Peter Bowman

Editorial: The election and the crisis of Nova Scotia

Atlantic Canada Today Atlantica: annexation without borders. Chris Arsenault

Michelin puts pedal to Nova Scotia all over again<br>
Photo Essay: Standing the gaff at Stora

Another sleepless hurricane season? Orfilio Pelaez

Elder's vision: seismic testing. Albert Marshall

Vigorous, well-attended meeting in Halifax learns about Palestinian political prisoners

Trenton residents against pollution

Media layoffs continue

Rent control campaign - a step towards an affordable home?

A battle for a bay, and public right

Ingramport, St. Margaret's Bay. Five Minutes: Who decides? "This 'development' is an attack by private, monopoly right on public right." Tony Seed

7th Annual Black History supplement The Origins of Racism. Isaac Saney

The Birchtown Investigation: The sight of ARSON in a historic town. Tony Seed

The Black Loyalists: "Putting flesh on the bones". Janice Acton

War and Peace Continental integration by stealth: The renewal of the NORAD Agreement. Michael Byers

Canada joins US naval manoeuvres in Caribbean

Books Spring ideas for gardeners. Debby Seed

On books, censorship and political pressure. Haroon Siddiqui

Farming the valley. Debby Seed


Matthew's Head, Fundy National Park, NB. Corinne Cash

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