Build the Resistance to Defeat U.S.-Zionist State Terror!

Hold Harper and His Government Responsible for Crimes Against the Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity!

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the U.S. and Israeli state terror against Lebanon and the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples.

The U.S. has given Israel a green light to pursue the criminal aim of wiping out the Resistance. The stands of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, his government and the European Union facilitate this 60-year genocidal colonial campaign to cleanse West Asia of Arabs and resistance to a Jewish Greater Israel. CPC(M-L) holds Harper and his government responsible for the crimes against the peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity that the U.S. and Zionists are committing.

The danger of a wider conflict for redivision of the region is increasing. The U.S. financed and armed fascist project in West Asia using Zionist colonizers as mercenaries to empty Palestine and Lebanon of its original inhabitants is linked to the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Syria and Iran are now being squeezed from two sides with hostile forces bent on invasion and regime change. In this way the U.S. empire-builders are waging war directly or through mercenaries to secure pacified client states from the Mediterranean Sea deep into Central Asia, to the borders of Russia, China and Pakistan. Canadian troops out of Afghanistan! U.S. out of Iraq! Hands off Syria and Iran!

CPC(M-L) is convinced that just as the Zionists have been unable annihilate the resistance of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, so too this attempt to eliminate the Lebanese people's resistance will fail. In this regard, CPC(M-L) denounces the current attempt to force the Lebanese to abandon their homes as a repeat of the Nakba of 1948 when Israel took over Arab lands. This must not pass!

CPC(M-L) also opposes attempts to blame the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance for the Zionist response. It is not resistance which gives rise to oppression and crimes against humanity but U.S.-Israeli state terror. Furthermore, when war crimes are being committed, talk of a "proportional response" is outrageous. What the Zionist forces are doing in Lebanon and Gaza is reminiscent of the revenge of the Nazis who murdered entire villages in the lands they occupied to collectively punish the people so as to eliminate the Resistance at that time. It was a morbid preoccupation with defeat then as is the U.S. imperialist and Israeli Zionist response today.

Canadians must rely on their own strength and step up the protest movement. The world's peoples are resourceful and full of energy to resist and defeat the empire-builders. Exactly 65 years ago, few in Canada or the United States would have believed that the sacrifice of the Soviet and world's peoples would defeat the feared and invincible 110 divisions of the German Wehrmacht racing east towards the Volga with thousands upon thousands of the most modern tanks, bombers and other sophisticated military equipment. Less than two years later they would lie in ruin on the outskirts of Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow, heralding the end of the Nazi Third Reich.

CPC(M-L) calls on the working class and people to go all out to establish an anti-war government in Canada by bringing to power those who will uphold international law, make Canada a bastion of guaranteeing human rights and oppose the use force to settle conflicts both at home and abroad.

Build the Resistance to Defeat U.S.-Zionist State Terror! Hold Harper and His Government Responsible for Crimes Against the Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! All Out to Establish an Anti-War Government!

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