A Letter from Amnesty International, and another to it

Wed, 9 August 2006

Amnesty International sent:

Dear Salma ,

I am writing to ask you to join Amnesty International's global vigil calling for an immediate and effective ceasefire to the conflict in Israel and Lebanon and to stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors on both sides. On Monday, August 7, Amnesty International members across the world-including in Israel and in Lebanon-will call for an end to the violence that has claimed so many lives.

The message of this vigil is three-fold:

1) to call for a ceasefire,

2) to demand that all governments stop the supply of arms to the conflict and

3) to stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors from both sides of this conflict.

We have created a special web page to help local groups and activists organize their own vigils. On this page, you can find suggestions for where to hold your vigil, recommendations for visuals, and a suggested passage that will be read at other Amnesty vigils worldwide. You can also find and sign a petition, which will be passed out at the vigils and then sent to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice calling for a ceasefire.

This is an important opportunity for AIUSA members to join the global effort to prevent further civilian casualties in this conflict.

Come stand with us!

Salma replied to Amnesty International:

Dear Amnesty International,

I find your vigil statment cowardly and disappointing. Your first demand should be for Israel to withdraw from all of Lebanon, including Shebaa farms. Secondly, in your attempt to be balanced, you lost your humanity and your quest for justice. Israel is an aggressor who is breaking all Geneva Conventions everyday and has been since 1948. Conventions you claim to support and call for. It is using illegal weapons and targeting the whole civilian infrastructure and life in Lebanon. It has been burning Gaza for months, and has maintained one of the most brutal and inhumane occupations known to our modern world. It's jails contain 10,000 detainees, without trial, tortured and deprived of all human rights. All this without one word of criticism from you!!!! I don't understand what is your role in this world? To make us accept all this injustice in the name of balance and peace???

By aligning yourself with the corrupt UN demands which is steered by the US and Israel, you have lost your credibility in the eyes of many who support justice.

I urge to show some courage, otherwise you are another international institution lost to this mad world.

Salma Abu Ayyash

Cambridge, MA USA


Sorce: http://www.samidoun.org/?q=node/297

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