Two letters to Peter MacKay and MP Mike Savage

To: MP Mike Savage (Liberal)

Dear Mike:

This is your neighbor, Rafiq. Here is the email I sent to [Foreign Minister] Peter MacKay. Soon after that, I noticed the following headlines on CNN (July 16, 2006):

- New explosions seen around Beirut - Civilians reported killed in strike on city of Tyre - Eight Canadian citizens killed in Israeli strikes - U.S. military arrives to evacuate U.S. citizens - Hezbollah rocket kills 8 in Haifa train depot

Should we not hold Prime Minister Harper liable for inciting the violence that killed Canadian citizens? Mr. Harper has hit a new low, even in his pathetic standard of PR goofs. I hope you discuss this in Parliament.


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To: Foreign Minister Peter MacKay

Dear Mr. MacKay:

Ms. [Alexa] McDonough once called Stephen Harper a "George Bush wannabe."

When we compare the quotes of Mr. Harper with those of Mr. Bush as related to Middle East events, we note with outrage and disgust that Harper has surpassed even Bush in supporting the atrocities that are being committed by Israel.

May we remind our Prime Minister that George Bush is poised to go down in history as the worst president the U.S. has ever had? Is that the path our PM also wishes to choose?

Mr. Harper is no stranger to parroting foul comments. He insulted the entire Muslim community with his comments regarding Iranian "dress code" laws (soon before the National Post apologized for its story) and with his "us-versus-them" speech soon after the arrest of 17 Ontario Muslims on suspicion of terrorism-related crime. This is also the same politician who insulted all of Atlantic Canada with his equally pathetic "attitude of defeat" slur.

It is entirely possible that Mr. Harper is incapable of expressing his own opinions and that someone is "ill advising the King." In fact, our only hope is that he is speaking without consulting the Canadian public and true representatives of the people.

I believe it is up to you to have a chat with the Prime Minister and set the course Canada ought to take. It seems Mr. Harper has nothing logical to say. It won't hurt to ask him to let the Foreign Minister do the talking. After all, even Condoleezza Rice's comments appear less outrageous than Mr. Harper's!

Thank you,


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