Ceasefire Without Conditions Now!

All Out to Support the Just Cause of the Lebanese and Palestinian People!

August 5, 2006


The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) reiterates its condemnation of the Canadian government's support of the crimes Israel is committing against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples. It calls on the working class and people to bring to power in Canada an anti-war government which upholds the right of all nations to their sovereignty and opposes the use of force to settle conflicts.

Such a government must demand the enforcement of Lebanon's sovereignty. It must demand enforcement of the Palestinian people's right to build a modern nation-state that can come to an accommodation with all people living in the Palestinian homeland, free of the constant threat posed by the foreign military base in their midst known as Israel.

Such a government must also hold Israel to account for its violation of more than 70 United Nations resolutions, beginning with Resolution 273 which made Israel's membership to the UN conditional on its implementation of Resolution 181 which defined the borders of partitioned Palestine and Resolution 194 which proclaimed the Palestinian refugees' inalienable right of return. Since 1949, Israel has refused to implement Resolution 273. In other words, Israel is a rogue state and the Canadian government's position in support of Israel is in complete violation of international rule of law.

Resistance Is a Right!

On August 2, a special session of the House Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade was called to discuss the situation in Lebanon. The result of the session was that the committee adopted a motion urging the Canadian government to call for "an immediate ceasefire by all parties." The motion was passed without the support of the Conservative government.

CPC(M-L) condemns the stand of the Government of Canada expressed by Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay at the committee meeting. MacKay blamed Hezbollah for what is taking place in Lebanon, calling the resistance organization a "cancer destroying democracy in Lebanon." Presenting the issue as "terrorism versus democracy," MacKay stated that the Conservative government believes "it is not a difficult choice between a democratic state [Israel] that was attacked by terrorists and cold-blooded killers." He called Hezbollah a "terrorist army" that "has shown no interest in a ceasefire" and is using civilians as "human shields."

The Canadian ruling circles are unleashing a brutal assault on the consciousness of the Canadian people by claiming that support for Israeli aggression is moral while trying to sow doubt about the resistance of the Lebanese people to Israeli state terror by claiming that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

CPC(M-L) condemns the Canadian government's attempt to disinform Canadian public opinion with its rendering of the situation in Lebanon. Hezbollah is a resistance organization in Lebanon which for decades has been exercising the internationally recognized right to resist foreign occupation. The placement of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance on the list of terrorist organizations in Canada and the U.S. was for the sole purpose of clearing the path for what is taking place today, the Hitlerite assault on sovereign peoples as the U.S. imperialists seek to assert their control over West Asia and Northeast Africa.

The Lebanese people are fighting tenaciously to defend the sovereignty of their nation and preserve its existence against an invading army which is hell bent on causing as much destruction as possible. They are upholding the traditions of the national liberation movements in which the lives of thousands of martyrs were sacrificed to liberate occupied lands.

To associate resistance with extremism is disinformation for purposes of conciliating with the role Israel is playing in the Middle East. According to the government's logic, to smash a popular resistance involving a broad range of political and religious forces is worth any amount of death and destruction and is a moral cause.

Under these circumstances the armed resistance of the Lebanese people is the main block to Israel acting with impunity. It is the resistance to occupation which is upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter, as it did when through their own efforts the Lebanese people liberated southern Lebanon in May 2000.

If the principles of national sovereignty and the right to self-determination are to mean anything, then there has to be a power which can uphold them against aggression. The resistance to occupation in Lebanon is doing what the big powers refuse to do which is to concretely enforce the principles of the UN Charter in the interests of peace.

No one should hesitate in calling a spade a spade and to stand as one with all those forces who are upholding justice and the peoples' right to be.

Ceasefire Without Conditions Now!

No to the Use of Force to Settle Conflicts!

Bring an Anti-War Government to Power in Canada!

All Out to Support the Just Cause of the

Palestinian and Lebanese People!


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