No to NATO or UN Forces in Lebanon! Cease-fire now!

U.S./UK proposal is designed to give more military support but with the illusion of multilateralism

(31 July 2006) - THE U.S./UK proposal to send international forces to southern Lebanon, on their conditions, will only escalate this war. Deploying more firepower that is clearly 100 per cent on the side of Israel will not stop this violence but will worsen the conflict. The immediate need is for Israel to stop its attacks.

George Bush said that the international deployment will provide a "different strategic direction for the whole of that region." We have heard this rhetoric before. In the context of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which are based on the U.S. need to maintain dominance in the region, we must conclude that any U.S.-endorsed force will be part of this larger agenda to control the Middle East.

Israel has not been able to rout Hezbollah and the U.S./UK proposal is designed to give more military support but with the illusion of multilateralism. The destruction of Hezbollah and Hamas, two groups that enjoy popular support, is the goal of the Israeli actions in Lebanon and Gaza. In fact, the attacks are part of the same Israeli strategy to crush all opposition to their aim of domination in this region. For the Israeli government, the electoral success of these groups was the last straw. Israel and the U.S. are set on complete destruction of any democratic opposition that is against the rule of the U.S. puppets. The call for a NATO or UN force is merely an attempt to bring international legitimacy to those goals.

The Canadian Government, led by Stephen Harper has given its complete support to the Israeli massacres of the defenseless Lebanese population, and to the U.S./Israeli agenda to ensure that all opposition in Lebanon will be crushed mercilessly. Across the country on August 12, 2006 there will be thousands of people marching to demand that the Harper government exert all its efforts to achieve a cease-fire and an end to the Israeli aggression. The CPA calls on all organizations and individuals to participate in these demonstrations, in order to save innocent lives and move towards a real peace in the Middle East.

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