UN Security Council Resolution 1559 (2004)

Editor's note: Israel and the G-8 powers justify its aggression against Lebanon on the basis of the high ideals of Resolution 1559 of the UN Security Council which, at the behest of the United States, called for full Syrian withdrawal from Lebanese Territory and the disarming of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias. This resolution is actually aimed at undermining the ability of the Lebanese people to defend themselves against ongoing violations of Lebanese sovereignty by Israel. The current invasion, together with the continuing occupation of the Shabaa Farms and frequent violations of Lebanese airspace by the IDF (a "non-Lebanese force") over the past six years, illustrates how the US uses the UN Security Council to facilitate Israeli aggression, as well as Israel's continuous violation of both the UN Charter and over 70 resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council. It should be remembered that:

(1) There was no occupation of Lebanon by Syria. The presence of Syrian troops were in accordance with a bi-lateral arrangement between the two sovereign governments;

(2) Neither the UN Security Council nor the United States and Israel has any mandate in international law to interfere in the internal affairs of Lebanon and violate its sovereignty.

The Lebanese resistance is in the interests of all humanity because it upholds the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

5 September 2004 The Security Council.

"Recalling all its previous resolutions on Lebanon, in particular resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978) of 19 March 1978, resolution 520 (1982) of 17 September 1982, and resolution 1553 (2004) of 29 July 2004 as well as the statements of its President on the situation in Lebanon, in particular the statement of 18 June 2000 (S/PRST/2000/21).

Reiterating its strong support for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally territorially recognized borders.

Noting the determination of Lebanon to ensure the withdrawal of all non-Lebanese forces from Lebanon.

Gravely concerned at the continued presence of armed militias in Lebanon, which prevent the Lebanese government from exercising its full sovereignty over all Lebanese territory.

Reaffirming the importance of the extension of the control of the Government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory.

Mindful of the upcoming Lebanese presidential elections and underlining the importance of free and fair elections according to Lebanese constitutional rules devised without foreign interference or influence.

1. Reaffirms its call for the strict respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity, and political independence of Lebanon under the sole and exclusive authority of the Government of Lebanon throughout Lebanon.

2. Calls upon all remaining foreign forces to withdraw from Lebanon.

3. Calls for the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias.

4. Supports the extension of the control of the Government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory.

5. Declares its support for a free and fair electoral process in Lebanon's upcoming presidential election conducted according to Lebanese constitutional rules devised without foreign interference or influence.

6. Calls upon all parties concerned to cooperate fully and urgently with the Security Council for the full implementation of this and all relevant resolutions concerning the restoration of the territorial integrity,full sovereignty, and political independence of Lebanon.

7. Requests that the Secretary-General report to the Security Council within thirty days on the implementation by the parties of this resolution and decides to remain actively seized of this matter.

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