Saniora tours Beirut's southern suburbs with Berri, accuses Israel of Crimes Against Humanity

AFP-AP photo shows Saniora walking past a destroyed building in Beirut's southern suburbs
BEIRUT (20 August 2006) - Prime Minister Fouad Saniora on Sunday accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity during its month-long offensive on his country.

"This is a criminal act which reflects Israel's hatred to destroy Lebanon and its unity," he said during a tour of Beirut's bombed-out southern suburbs with parliament speaker Nabih Berri.

"I hope all the international media will transmit this picture to every person in the world so that it shows this criminal act, this crime against humanity that Israel has committed in this area and every region of Lebanon."

Saniora was speaking as a fragile UN-brokered truce to end the conflict between Israel and Hizubllah entered its seventh day. Close to 1,300 people in Lebanon were killed and billions of dollars in damage caused to homes and infrastructure such as bridges and roads.

"We will not allow the Israeli enemy... to destroy our national unity," said Hizubllah MP Ali Ammar who met Saniora and Berri during their tour of the southern suburbs, a stronghold of the group.


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