Palestinian prisoners relatives stage sit-in denouncing IOF crimes in Lebanon and Palestine

BETHLEHEM (8 August 2006) - PALESTINIAN prisoners' relatives staged a sit-in Tuesday in front of Bethlehem district headquarters in denunciation of the continued IOF troops' crimes committed in Lebanon and Gaza Strip.

The residents declared solidarity with the Lebanese and the Palestinian resistance factions and called on the groups that had captured the Israeli soldiers not to indulge in any negotiations or swap operations unless according to their own terms, considering the capture of the IOF soldiers as a golden opportunity to break the Hebrew state's standards prohibiting the release of long-term serving detainees.

In a related matter, legal sources asserted that prisoners and detainees in Kadomim detention center numbered at 32 are undergoing very harsh incarceration conditions imposed on them by the prison's authority.

The Palestinian prisoner support society issued a statement Tuesday indicating that health conditions of the detainees is worsening day by day due to medical negligence, beating and assault at the time of arrest or during investigations rounds.

The society asserted that Kadomim is considered the worst detention center since violations and assaults on detainees are committed on daily basis with total disregard to the detainee's health conditions.

Furthermore, the society pointed out that the current detention conditions in Kadomim is the worst. In addition to medical negligence the detainees suffer sharp shortage in all daily needs, cigarettes, clothes, including salt which the detention center's authority deliberately bans its entry.

Kadomim detention center, to the east of Tulkarm, is considered a preliminary investigation station for detainees before appearing in military courts to extend their detention periods; it is also a very old building, overcrowded, and unfit for detention.


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