Communique: Syria and Venezuela pledge to face US hegemony and imperialism

DAMASCUS, (31 August 2006) SANA - Syria and Venezuela praised on Thursday concordance of their foreign policies to face the US imperialism, hegemony and aggression as well as confront state terrorism and US double standard policies.

In a communiqué issue at the end of the historic visit made by the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to Syria, the statement said the two presidents hailed the foreign policy concordance in the two states that aimed to guarantee and encourage the peaceful policies and bilateral cooperation as well as multilateral cooperation, defending the national sovereignty and non interference in interior affaires, democracy in international relations, encouraging multi polar order, solidarity for peoples development and prosperity, boosting the south-south cooperation and deepening the regional dialogue and dialogue among other regions via blocks like the nonaligned movement, Latin America group and the Arab countries.

"This is aimed to face policies of the US imperialism, hegemony and aggression in the world as well as confronting the state terrorism and double standard policy by the US administration all over the world and in international institutions mainly the United Nations," the statement said.

The two presidents underlined the importance that the UN Security Council must play his role and do his duty and tasks in a democratic and transparent way that goes with its assigned role according to the UN charter.

The two countries voiced relief for inking a memo of understanding between them to build a mechanism for consultation and political coordination as a main base in quest of bilateral cooperation in other fields which have been embodied in agreements singed during the visit.

For his part, President Bashar al-Assad expressed worry over the aggressive policies of the US government against Venezuela, asserting the Venezuelan people's right to determine the from of their government and choose their political, economic and social system freely and far away from any foreign interference. The President also gave support to nominate Venezuela to the UNSC membership.

The two presidents lend their support to the Palestinian Peoples' struggle as to build their independent state on their national land and denounced the continuous Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people, targeting civilians and destroying the infrastructure in addition to all siege procedures and sealing offs that constitute a collective punishment.

The two sides underlined the need to call Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty since it had not announced till now any intention in this respect.

The two countries reiterated the assertion to call the international family to make Israel abide by UNSC resolutions 497 and 1981 as well as Israel's full withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan in implementation of the UNSC resolutions 242 and 338 aimed to realize just and comprehensible peace in the Middle East.

Both sides renewed condemnation of the Israeli military aggression on Lebanon affirming the importance of Israel's compliance with halt of its aggressive actions against Lebanon.

There was a note to revive the Nonaligned movement and the two sides adherence to form a joint higher committee to secure developing this strategic alliance and follow up all inked accords.

- By Sawsan
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