Lebanese resistance in the face of Israeli technological superiority described as patriotic

BEIRUT (7 August 2006) PL - MORE THAN 1,000 people, 30 per cent of them under 12, have died as a result of the Israeli aggression of the Lebanon that began 27 days ago, and where the resistance is making the occupation of this Arab state impossible.

Official sources quote the total of fatal victims at 1,022 and injuries amounting to 3,369.

The Hizbollah (Party of God) militias have only lost 51 combatants, while the Israeli army has had 59 fatalities, despite its military superiority.

This Monday, Israeli combat planes bombarded the southern and eastern blocks of Lebanese territory causing 14 deaths and an indeterminate number of wounded.

From a distance dense columns of smoke could be seen in the vicinity of the airport, where Arab foreign ministers who are to study the situation of the nation under attack should be received.

The Israeli command admitted that five of its troops were injured, while Hizbollah affirmed that it had eliminated four soldiers in the vicinity of Hula.

The Voice of Lebanon radio station commented that yesterday was the most lethal for the Israelis on losing 12 soldiers.

This Monday the Lebanese town of Ghassaniye was attacked, resulting in the death of seven civilians buried in the rubble of their home hit by a rocket.

In less than one hour three southern Lebanese towns received 90 rounds of heavy artillery shelling, while the settlements and infrastructure located west of the Bakaa plain were the target of 25 air attacks.

In that context, the media and public figures continue describing the Lebanese resistance to superior Israeli technology as patriotic.

The Algerian leader has stated that the United States has no right whatsoever to criticize Hizbollah, given that Washington is openly supplying Tel Aviv with armaments.

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