Those poor invaders; those poor occupiers

(25 July 2006) - Well, well, well. Did I not predict that to you. I was just waiting for this to come out, and it has. Please. Wake up the children and release the pigs from the barn. This is big news. The New York Times' article -- or the first in a series -- about "the anguish" of Israeli occupation troops has been released. Please, survey your local newspapers in US and Canada and share such stories of "anguish" -- they are a staple of US press coverage of all Israeli wars of aggression: "Ohad said he called his wife to say goodnight before going into battle, and called her when he came out to say he was O.K." Don't you feel bad for this occupier? Are you not getting goose bumps reading about the emotional strain of killing women and children in Lebanon? Do think it is easy to kill for hours on end, especially in a land of inferior people? Do you now know how difficult it is for Israel to maintain its racist occupation of Arab lands? Do you now understand why Ted Bundy used to suffer nightmares?


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