Israeli Assault on Lebanon

U.S.-French brokered "ceasefire" deal:
recipe for continuing the war

(8 August 2006) - TML opposes the draft United Nations Security Council resolution presented by the U.S. and France on August 5. The draft resolution does not even demand that Israeli troops withdraw from Lebanon. Instead, despite the fact that Israel is the aggressor, it calls for a "full cessation of hostilities based upon, in particular, the immediate cessation by Hezbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations" and the deployment of a UN-mandated international force between the UN's Blue Line and the Litani River.

The U.S. and France have brokered this deal as if they are the rulers of the people of Lebanon. According to them, the only problem now is how to force the Lebanese government and people to accept it. The United States is the military and political backer of the Israeli state, responsible for its continued existence and aggressions against the peoples of Lebanon and Palestine. The French government, a former colonial power in Lebanon, hopes to preserve its influence. However, the Lebanese people are not their subjects. The big powers cannot rule over them and impose an arrangement which does not deal with the problems they are facing -- the main one being the attempts by the Israeli government to destroy the Lebanese nation and negate the right to be of the Lebanese people.

The Lebanese people are resisting an Israeli invasion from the land, sea and air. Would an international force assist the Lebanese people in repelling the current and future Israeli invasions? Would this force assist in establishing a buffer which Israel would not be permitted to enter? No, it would not. Already Israeli forces have attacked and killed UN forces based in Lebanon with impunity. Canada's Prime Minister already dismissed the killing of one of Canada's UN personnel as "an accident."

It is no accident the draft resolution seeks to impose a mortal blow to the Lebanese resistance which has been the only check against Israeli aggression. It was the resistance which forced Israel to end its occupation of most of South Lebanon in May 2000 and it is the resistance which is acting as a block to Israeli occupation today. Israel did not leave South Lebanon in 2000, it was forced out. Its actions today are based on the aim of re-occupying Lebanon, and unless this aim is defeated, talk of peace is cheap.

The United States, Canada and Britain encouraged Israel's actions against Lebanon claiming its response to the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers on Lebanese soil was "measured." These powers don't want a just peace.

The only force trying to keep the peace in Lebanon is the united resistance of the Lebanese people who are fighting tenaciously to meet Israel's attacks. There has to be a deterrent power to stop further invasions and aggression. The proposed international force would not constitute such a power since its aim is to act as cover for the meddling of the big powers in Lebanon's internal affairs. It is an attempt to weaken the resolve of the Lebanese people to defend their sovereignty. More importantly, within today's international context, attempts to weaken the resolve of the Lebanese people translate into special forces of the big powers carrying out communal massacres, thereby imposing ipso facto civil war as occurred in Lebanon from 1975 to 1990 and is occurring now in Iraq. It must not pass!

The imperialist intention is to remove the Lebanese resistance, disarm its armed forces and pave the way for further Israeli occupation. No ceasefire deal which furthers this aim will succeed. The peoples of Lebanon and the world demand an immediate stop to Israeli aggression and negotiations to resolve all outstanding issues.

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