Zionism and terrorism: a visit to Beirut's southern "Dahieh"

BEIRUT (20 AUgust 2006) - YESTERDAY, I with a group of about thirty members of the "The Palestinian Cultural Reunion" visited the Beirut southern suburb (Adahiah). What we have seen there is beyond imagination... Buildings over ten floors high are crumbled down to the ground, you see roofs folded like a book...

The U.S. made "Buster Bumper Bombs" left the heavily populated area as if a powerful eight point zero Richter earthquake hit and devastated it... and not simply just bombarded...

Among the sites we saw were the "Al-Manar" T.V. station and "Annour" broadcasting station of Hezbollah... They were among the first sites to be hit by "Israeli" American-made bombers with also U.S. made smart bombs and rockets, hundred of which were supplied during last March and with others on the way to replenish the "Israeli" terrorism stock.

The sight of the flattened two media stations reminded me of the ever-Zionist fear of its enemy, anti-Zionist culture and the media, because they divulge their lies and expose its unfounded propaganda, especially by educated Palestinian and other Arab activists...

Among those who joined us in the visit was Dr. Anis Sayegh who was the general manager of the Palestinian Research Center. Dr. Sayegh along with the center were targeted three times by Zionist terrorism to silence them, using various means such as rockets, bombs and booby trapped letters. A trapped letter blew up in Dr. Sayegh's face; he lost few fingers and almost fully three of his senses: sight, hearing and smell. One of the first things the invading Zionist occupation army did during its 1982 invasion of Lebanon was to loot the center's library.

Dr. Sayegh, who never carried a gun, was not the only activist using culture to fight the Zionist enemy to be targeted by them. Among many of those also targeted were the Palestinian writer, poet and artist Ghassan Kanafani who with his twelve-year-old niece were murdered when his booby-trapped car blew up in a Beirut suburb. There was also the Syrian Arab cultural activist who was running a publishing house in Cyprus lost his arm when his car, also booby-trapped by Zionist terrorism, blew up. The prominent Palestinian poet Kamal Nasser was murdered during the famous Zionist raid on Beirut under the leadership of Ehud Barak, who like many of his colleagues, became the prime minister of the Zionist entity.

I am sure that many cultural activists, even non-Arabs using the Internet to support the Palestinian cause and divulge the truth about Zionism, are targeted with viruses to damage their computers and silence them.

The joke is that the Zionist entity sent a delegation to Russia to complain against Hezbollah's use of the Russian made anti-tank rockets used against the supposedly heavily-armoured Merkava tanks that they consider the best in world, damaging about a hundred of them. The Zionist state not only lost these tanks, but they also lost their multi-million dollar worth international market.

The clever thing Hezbollah did was to display posters around the devastated suburb, stressing the main enemy of the Arab people, the United States. One of the posters that was put on the rubble of "Almanar TV" station read "MADE IN U.S.A." another read "THIS IS THE NEW MIDDLE EAST", because had it not been for the United States and "Great Britain" there would be no state called "Israel" in existence now.

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