Haligonians oppose siege of Gaza by Israeli Army of occupation

Haligonians oppose siege of Gaza by Israeli Army of occupation

HALIFAX (8 July 2006) - CONCERNED citizens and residents of Halifax, acting on short notice, assembled today in a vigorous picket outside the Main Spring Garden Road Branch of the Halifax Public Library. Their statement was witnessed by several thousand passers-by -- shoppers, library users, etc -- in the downtown area. The demonstration is part of other manifestations breaking out across Canada and around the world.

A flying squad leafleted for the event at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market for a couple of hours before the lunchtime outdoor gathering. During the picket, various speakers described the humanitarian catastrophe unleashed in recent days on the more than 1.5 million Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip, the most crowded region on the planet and often compared to "an open-air prison". A petition campaign against the Canadian aid cutoff was brought to the Halifax public at the picket.

Mentioning the criminal anti-Palestinian activities of Lester Pearson and other historic Canadian figures, a speaker from the Dossier on Palestine exposed that the most recent evidence of the dirty role of the Canadian government -- cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority which stood at $25 million per year with an additional $12 million reserved in 2005, and demanding the release of a single occupation army soldier taken captive during a military operation under threats of inflicting more and more collective punishments -- form but the latest installments of a long-established pattern.

An antiwar activist elaborated the salient developments in the recent history of the region surrounding the so-called "Gaza pullout" of 15 August 2005 by the Israeli Army of Occupation and illegal settlers.

A spokesman for the Canada-Palestine Association denounced the protection the State of Israel enjoys to operate above and outside international law, both as a military occupier in Gaza as well as at the United Nations.

A representative of Al-Awda the Palestinian Right to Return Coalition pointed out how the more than 750,000 Palestinians displaced as refugees have now grown worldwide into more than 6 million outside Palestine insisting on their right to return to that which was taken from them by illegal military force in 1947-48 and again in 1967.

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SATURDAY, JULY 8TH, 1PM Spring Garden Library 5381 Spring Garden Rd.


WE CALL upon the international community to take up their responsibility in protecting the Palestinian people from this aggression, and terminating the continuing Israeli policy of collective punishment.

Since Tuesday, June 27, 2006, Israel destroyed vital bridges, water and electricity stations. As a consequence more than two-thirds of the people have been denied access to water and electricity. Children, the sick and elderly are the first to be affected. Israel also arrested more than 64 elected Palestinian Legislative Council members, city mayors, cabinet ministers and lawmakers.

Israel, the US and European Union governments have put the Palestinian people under siege for the past few months as collective punishment because they did not approve of the results of the democratic elections Palestinians held. Palestinians understood that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip which took place this past year was meant to turn it into the largest prison with the largest population of prisoners in the world. The acquiescence of world governments to this indicates complicity in these war crimes.

Nothing justifies the Israeli savagery, including the elimination of water and electricity access to hundreds of thousands of people. Racist media coverage in North America has been trying to minimize the importance of these war crimes.

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, has called upon all people who support the Palestinian struggle for self determination and return, to demand of their representatives, the media and their governments to ensure that the genocidal Zionist State of Israel ends its siege and fully compensates for the destruction of life and infrastructure that it has visited upon the Palestinian people. The potential future cost to human life the destruction of the water and power supply may cause cannot yet be determined.

Palestine Solidarity Society pssquare@gmail.com

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