Hundreds of Nova Scotians demonstrate

HALIFAX - AS part of the growing world wide opposition to US-Israeli state terrorism in Lebanon and Palestine, hundreds of Nova Scotians rallied and demonstrated through the streets of Halifax Saturday 29 July 2006.

They shouted slogans and carried placards reading, "Resist US-Israeli state terrorism!", "Resistance Is A Right!", "Israel Out of Lebanon, Out of Palestine!", "Free Palestine!", "US Out of the Middle East!", "Canada Out of the Middle East!", "Hold Harper Responsible for War Crimes!", and "From Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation Is A Crime!" and "No Harbour for War!" Other slogans demanded an immediate and unconditional cease-fire.

The rally started and finished at the main Halifax Regional Library on Spring Garden Road. As the demonstrators converged on the library lawn, several elderly ladies militantly and repeatedly led people in Arabic hailing the resistance movement of the Lebanese people. Despite the fact the rally was organized in four days, participants came short and long distances from different parts of the province to raise their voice with all humanity against the war crimes being perpetrated against the peoples of Lebanon and Palestine.

Keynote speaker Dr Ismail Zayid, president of the Canada Palestine Association, vigorously condemned the invasion and occupation of South Lebanon which he said was part of a longtime strategic plan of Zionism dating back to 1919 to occupy, among other areas, Lebanon up to the Litani River, as well as part of US plans to destabilize and control West Asia. However Bush's plans for a "Greater Middle East" and the Bush-Blair demagogic talk about "seeking solutions for the root cause" rest on the continued subjugation and dispersal through armed force of the courageous Palestinian people over the past 58 years, a "root cause" of the conflict. Now, all over again, al-Nabka (the catastrophe) is being wreaked in South Lebanon by Israeli Zionism and made-in-USA weaponry, using state terror to force the people to flee, a prelude to ethnic cleansing if the international community continues to remain silent and appease the aggressors.

Canada, which reputes to uphold international law, has condoned and is complicit in the aggression and war crimes and in the selective morality and double standards of the big powers who cite one United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR 1559) as the base of solving the conflict, but arrogantly ignores over 70 UN resolutions which Israel has violated with impunity, especially Resolution 194 (11 December 1948) proclaiming the inalienable right of return for Palestinian refugees, and Resolution 273 (11 May 1949) conditionally admitting the state of Israel to the United Nations as a member state in 1949 on the condition that it implements Resolution 181 (defining the borders of partitioned Palestine, which it has never done) and Resolution 194.

The steadfast resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples to state terrorism, occupation and aggression is in the interests of all humanity. It enshrines the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and is in accordance with international law while the states of Israel and the United States hold themselves above international law and are given impunity from crimes against humanity.

Dr Zayid stressed that, among other resolutions, Resolution 2787 passed on 6 December 1971 by the United Nations General Assembly reiterated the position of the UN Charter recognizing the right to resist foreign occupation in the Palestinian and other cases as a fundamental human right. The Lebanese and Palestinian peoples will never surrender that right no matter the cowardly terror, just as the Palestinian people have never and will never surrender their inalienable right of return to their homeland.

Other initiatives and educational forums are being planned for the coming days and weeks to deepen and strengthen the anti-war movement.

Speech by representative of the Palestine Solidarity Society, Halifax, 29 July 2006

What a world we live in. A world where naked aggression is portrayed as self defence, occupation is called liberation and resisting occupation is terrorism. This war is not about three captured soldiers; the motives of Israel are more about regional control and the collective punishment of the Lebanese and Palestinian people for taking a stand against Israeli occupation and for supporting their national resistance movements.

Israel's actions speak volumes about the real nature of this war, the destruction of civilian infrastructure, the bombardment of residential areas, the mass murder of civilians and the total disregard for the sanctity of human life and international law. All of these crimes are being outrageously dismissed by the many in the international community as self defence, as if somehow we should take the world of Israel and its apologists over what we witness in crimes against humanity on a daily basis.

We, among many others, were dismayed by the position of the Canadian Government which totally bought into the Israeli argument of alleged "measured response." A "measured response' where more than 600 civilians were killed, including nine Canadians. In addition to that, the apparent disregard for the lives and safety of more than 40,000 Canadians that were bombarded day and night by the Israeli war machine.

We stand here today, in solidarity with the victims of Israeli war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine and in solidarity with everyone under occupation and oppression all over the world. We stand here to unequivocally condemn the latest episode of Israel's ongoing state terrorism against the people of Palestine and Lebanon. We stand here to express our dismay and disappointment at the Canadian government for its failure to take a stand against Israel's aggression, past and present!



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