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Mac-talla  3rd  Gaelic Shunpiking Edition
Fall 2005 Edition
Media Culpa

Shunpike shun.pike n (1862): a side road used to avoid the toll on or the speed and traffic of a superhighway- n- n
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June 2006

Media Culpa
A special online bulletin with continuous updates direct from the Six Nations Blockade at the illegal housing project at Caledonia, near Hamilton, Ontario. The site is encircled by a 50 sq. mile perimeter of 1,000 OPP and 250 RCMP with the Canadian army at the ready.

(24 May 06) The triumvirate of parties is united on fundamental questions.

(24 May 06) Here is a brutal lockout by a multinational (Stora Enso) of 650 paper workers that began during one winter election and continues into another, spring election - five months later.

(6 Aug 2003) The provincial elections have once more concluded without a solution. We look for the human factor. TONY SEED

(18 Aug 2003) The monopoly media in Nova Scotia played a leading role in trivializing the recent provincial election and marginalizing the real concerns and problems of the people, says Bruce Wark, media critic and professor of journalism at King's College School of Journalism in Halifax.

Black heritage centres firebombed. Two months later, very few of us know what took place and why. It seems that certain forces want to keep it that way. Many of us don't even know what we don't know. The events are clouded in mystery and racism. We set out to discover what we could discover for ourselves. TONY SEED

NSCUBA members have diverse perspectives on Cuba but we stand against the United States embargo/blockade.

A longstanding provincial commitment to complete a protected areas network that captures Nova Scotia's landscape diversity is likely unachievable unless a substantial portion of the proposed Wilderness Area is protected.

"Fascism should more accurately be called corporatism as it is the merger of state and corporate power." If Atlantica becomes reality, we may see Mussolini's dream waking up in our own backyard.

"Pollution emissions are making people sick. We want our children to have clean air and clean water"

Without fanfare, the right wing National Post stopped printing the paper in Atlantic Canada in April

"Everyone has the right to an affordable home. Everyone has the right to protection against displacement by rising rents."

"We stand to lose and to irrevocably damage unique wildlife and critical ecosystems" JOINT UN REPORT

Significance of the CUPE resolution - Commentaries: Gary Zatzman; Dr. Ismail Zayid / Canada Palestine Association; Adam Hanieh

Councilman Johnson said county sheriff's deputies "chose to escalate the situation." Police admitted to using pepper spray several times, but claimed that the actions taken were limited in force.

For everyone's peace of mind, meteorologists are dressing in their combat gear to deal with the challenges posed by nature

First in Ireland, then in Iraq, now in Guantánamo. KATE MCCABE

My Thoughts on Pete Bowman
By MARRIE BERKELAAR, a Nova Scotian friend

Part One of a ten-part series. The Shadow of the Bomb. War games for children in major U.S. cities, 1950 - ALBERT E KAHN, The Game of Death.

Shunpiking books: Fictitious and not so Fictitious books that unriddle history, politics and ..

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