Trenton residents against NSP pollution

May 2006, Volume 11, Number One

Residents who live close to the Nova Scotia Power's Trenton generating station are feeling the harmful effects of the coal-fired, power plant's emissions. "Our front yards are covered in black fly ash, we have health problems, the paint is stripped off our cars, and we can't eat food from our gardens and are worried about drinking the water," says Peter Boyles, a Trenton/Hillside resident.

"Pollution emissions are making people sick. We want our children to have clean air and clean water," he added.

On May 9 residents picketed the Annual General Meeting of Emera, NSP's parent company, in Halifax. They demanded that Trenton Unit #5 be immediately shut-down as a first step towards phasing out coal generation in Nova Scotia, and that all possible pollution control measures be taken in the interim.

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