Nova Scotians challenge the US blockade against Cuba

Nova Scotia Cuba Association to participate in the 2006 Pastors for Peace caravan

HALIFAX (30 May 2006) -- Pastors for Peace, a US-based organisation which works in conjunction with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Centre in Havana, carries out an annual 'friendshipment ' caravan of donated goods to challenge the US blockade against Cuba. The Nova Scotia Cuba Association (NSCUBA) has participated in the Canadian section of this caravan several years in the past and is about to do so again this summer.

The caravan will meet in Quebec City and then proceed to the Quebec-Maine border crossing at Coburn Gore, southeast of Quebec City, on June 17. At that point the goods which have been collected by NSCUBA will be transfered to the caravan being organized by the Quebec City solidarity group. From there it will be heading to Cuba through the United States.

NSCUBA considers this to be a great and useful project. In a recent statement the group said that "this act of collecting and sending aid to Cuba is combined with intentional media and political work that educates the public about the inhumane nature of the blockade and demonstrates to our policymakers and legislators that there is a broad-based international coalition of people of conscience who demand an end to this genocidal policy."

The US embargo of Cuba causes shortages of food, medicine and other important supplies for eleven million people. The embargo is an immoral policy that uses hunger and disease as political weapons.

In addition to transporting the donations from the Atlantic provinces, they also try to bring as many supporters as possible to Quebec City to demonstrate of solidarity with the Cuban people.

NSCUBA members have diverse perspectives on Cuba but we stand against the United States embargo/blockade. We believe that Cuba has the right to sovereignty and self-determination."

Preparations organizing and packing medical and material donations making travel arrangements and putting out a broad appeal for financial support. So far NSCUBA has reported receiving generous donations from the Nova Scotia Hospital which is also providing storage space and from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. many smaller donations are being received from individuals throughout the province.

Anyone who is interested in participating should contact:

Nova Scotia Cuba Association - Caravan P. O. Box 632 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2T3

You may also phone Kay Sercerchi - 902-864-7043 , or Ruth Larson - 902-431-6283, for further information.

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