Rent control campaign - a step towards an affordable home?

May 2006, Volume 11, Number One

The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty (HCAP) is organizing a campaign that tenants across Nova Scotia might stand to gain from. "Our aim is simple: To make the provincial government put limits on how much landlords can raise their tenants' rent through rent control legislation," the society states. "Everyone has the right to an affordable home. Everyone has the right to protection against displacement by rising rents. This can be achieved if landlords, whose aim is to profit off their tenants, are restricted on how much they can raise rent. Presently the sky is the limit."

HCAP will put on workshops in your apartment building, community centre, library, church, etc., to inform tenants of their rights, to explain the importance of rent control, and to help get tenants' organizations get started.

For more information, contact HCAP, 2420 Agricola St., Halifax, NS B3K 4C2; phone 444.5060; Email hcap@riseup

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